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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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I general there has always been common sense in being a prepper, but we are clearly seeing recent events will urge many to move their plans and preparations to the ‘next level’ or those who have previously failed to prepare will begin to now do so. By my assessment things in the world are now simply heating up more and more and at a greater speed.

I always advocated common sense and thinking in „small circles“ because you (just like me too) probably are not multimillionaire, or head of the state, or financial mogul who silently form world politics.

You are probably average man with average worries and job. You are the person who can not do too much about changing the big events unfolding around us, but you can do much about being ready when SHTF.

I often mention something like a joke or popular myth about soldier who was taught and assured for days and weeks about reasons and logic about war that he is going to fight in, but all the time he did not get the picture so clearly, he could not understand logic, world politics and similar for that war.

Suddenly when he came to his first fight and when bullets start to fly around his head he realized logic of everything and shouted „oh my God they are trying to KILL ME“

This may seem like an oversimplification, but at the end it is like that- bare survival and safety, you can not manipulate the situation with too many other things.

Are the terrorist winning?

Definition of word terrorism:

  • 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
  • 2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
  • 3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

I am not sure about you, and place where you are living, but for me here, I can take all three definition here and say right now „that’s it, I am living there“. And still there is something like peace, I am not in middle of war, people working their jobs, kids going to school, people get drunk in the pub.

But everything actually changed. Fear moved in, and everybody is afraid from everybody.

Fear, Terror. Terrorism.

Horrible killings in Paris, Africa, and US showing (again and again) real face of terrorism. It is about killing people who are civilians, killing kids and women.

But also it is about killing normal way of life. Concerts, cinema, cafes, resteraunts. If you install fear in people that they may be killed or hurt while they enjoying their way of life, how they want to enjoy it, you are actually changing the world.

And that is one of the goals of terrorists, to change the way we choose to live.
Freedom is one of the things that is so important, but also so fragile.

Freedom can be taken by the terrorist, but also it can be taken by the government in the name of fighting against those same terrorists.

If you are living in western modern society ask yourself, do you still have the same freedoms like 20-30 years ago?
Is it actually getting worst?

Are you as a survivalist actually getting profiled or out and out labelled as a possible terrorist?

Two frogs

There is a story of two frogs, one that jumped out from the bowl of hot water (because it got thrown in suddenly) and other that gets put in bowl of normal temperature water, and dies because the water gradually gets heated to the point it dies because the water becomes too hot.
We are all right now inside the bowl of pretty hot water, the situation (water) around us has been heated gradually, for years, and we are getting „used“ to a new reality and somehow accept it as a normal, while there is nothing normal about it.

Terrorism and Hate

My experience into the topic of hate is very big and deep. It is like everything that I wrote here, real and often not what you expected, or wanted to hear.

Hate is very powerful emotion, and I have been there, hating people, groups of people, or whole countries.
There were period of the time when that hate simply drove me, was the only thing pushing me forward.

And all that I can say about generalized hate is that is completely wrong for many reasons.
As a survivalist you are probably used to look for the information in some other ways than regular media and everything else, so whenever somebody „push“ you or motivate you to hate generalized group of people (or nation) ask yourself, why do they want you to hate them?

There is no logic in generalized hate, and there is always some kind of sinister story behind it, deeper story and motives.

I understand logic and need for „terminating“ the people who are threat for our way of living, for our civilization and everything else, and I actually agree with that.

But I also understand need and logic behind the will of powerful people (fractions, parties etc) to use „motivated“ hate to take my freedoms away from me, by saying they are doing that in order to protect me. And I do not want that either. I’ve been there AND seen the consequences.

Do not allow someone to cloud your judgment by fear and hate, so they can rule you and take your freedoms.
Terror works in many ways and from many positions.

Sometimes it is lunatic who blows himself in the name of a false god, killing a lot of innocent people. Sometimes it is by watching your country slowly descend into something, that not so long ago looked like a scene from a weird Science Fiction novel.

If I am forced again to hate someone, I will hate him because I decide so, not because bunch of folks who wants to get (even more) reach and power told me to do so.

Fear and hate are a very contageous disease, watch for yourself and your family, use your brain and common sense.
If you are living in fear and hate they have already won.

Remember that wars have and can be won by simple breaking the will of enemy, by sheer terror and fear, less by brute force.


Sadly, I am not optimistic at all. Things are moving faster and heating up more and more.

I do not know what are the reasons for all this that seems to be happening almost everywhere now, but I simply cannot believe that a bunch of folks who have the desire of a life from the stone age, and want to bring that ‘ideal’ to everybody else, can not be bombed back to that stone age, or at least that should be dealt with when they were just small in numbers.

As I said, we are all frogs in warm water, just not noticing it. Did you somehow notice, that over some time we are now living in the world where it can be more dangerous to go to bigger events because some idiot may blow himself and kill you? Or that we are living in a time that in week or two owning a weapon might be illegal everywhere?

Suddenly we are living in times when we are calculating how far we are from possible nuclear explosions?

And still people call it normal?

I think we are so close to the SHTF that you do not need to have your vision „blurred“ by fear, terror, and hate.
Not now, just stay alert, and use common sense.

Survivalist is not a weirdo, like some folks trying to picture us. He is smart guy who watches for the coming events with clear mind and with kind of a cool heart.

Have any recent events changed or affected your preparedness plans? Do you feel, or observe in those around you more ‘fear’ in everyday society? Comment below and share your thoughts and observations with us.

Survial Bootcamp

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

22 Responses

  1. I was at school when the Kent State Massacre shootings happened. I already knew about the Senator McCarthy ‘commie witch hunts’, where the Congress subpoenaed citizens for membership in then legal communist political organizations. These people were then ‘black listed’ and unable to work, destroying lives of many of them. Right after the Kent massacre (students demonstrating against the VietNam war) the FBI went into full spying and personal vendetta mode against anyone even remotely connect to the anti-war movement. I believe that I’ve had my own FBI file since even before that, and I know I have one, just not sure when it started.

    The difference I see today is mostly in two things. The spying technology is far more readily available to fed-gov and actually relatively cheap too. And that cheap tech makes the targets for spying much wider – virtually everybody in the nation, all the time, on any communication or purchase whatsoever. If they can’t find enough ‘bad guys’ to justify a bigger budget, they simply list more behaviors as ‘indicators of potential terrorism’. Now, the lists of ‘indicators’ produced by the FBI and DHS include virtually all of us – veterans (especially middle east action veterans), those who are politically active, those who own copies of The Constitution, those who write letters to editors that challenge the ‘official versions’ of anything, 9/11 Truthers, Obama Birthers, those who own guns, those who pay cash for things (especially like hunting and camping gear, hardware, etc.). You name it, and it’s suspicious to somebody in fed-gov.

    What all that spying and suspicion means is that they are collecting everything you say, write, and buy for over a decade now, and IF you ever attract their unfavorable attention, they can troll your entire life to try to build a case. Remember that guy you used to work with? Yeah, he was radicalized 3 years after you left that job, but now they’re trolling your life and trying to build a case on you just in case they need it. So, to use an old military phrase – Keep you head down and your ass in the foxhole. Conversely, you can make yourself totally obvious and ‘go public’ so that you’re disappearance will be noticed – but that doesn’t protect you from harassment or odd car accidents. A ‘low profile’ is probably your best friend, next to total anonymity or disappearance.

  2. Well I haven’t flown for a long time, but’s that’s a personal decision as I don’t like the control that go’s with rules the transportation industry feels they need to set. That’s really more about my personal freedom than a threat of terror. I do have to drive a distance from time to time. When I do I almost always do so armed and I always use situational awareness.
    I guess that I’m lucky in the sense that I live in a rural area. The closest shopping mall is 40 miles away and by comparison is very small and not likely a target for a would be terrorist. Maybe I’d feel different if I lived in L.A. or N.Y.C.
    In the U.S.A. where I live the media often has it wrong when they say Americans are ” Fearful” I don’t speak for anyone but myself, I’m not fearful. I’m pissed!

    1. I agree with you Hillbilly, I’m more pissed at what I see on the TV, internet and our Govt. We are slowly losing our freedoms and I get so scared for my small children. I live in a rural farm community of roughly 900 people. Although I live 30-35 miles from a major city I think my main concern would be refugees moving from the city to the country. I will say we went to the city just two days ago to finish up some Christmas shopping and for the first time I carried 2 extra mags and a back up pistol around my ankle. Usually I just carry one sidearm and maybe one extra mag.

  3. Warning: Long post

    Thoughts from Sweden… what a lot of people can se here is that the terror is ‘closing in’. We are used to live in a cold introvert country, almost forgotten by the rest of the world, kind of taking care of our own business.

    And suddenly, a lot of people feel sadness and sorrow when visiting IKEA, thinking of the victims of the brutal beheading that happened in Västerås. The government absolutely refuse to call it an terror act, but that is exactly what is was.

    The same government also violently press 200.000 asylum seekers down our throats, with the result that almost all ‘kommuner’ (=lokal counties) will have huge tax increases next year.

    Because of the huge amount of asylum seekers, a lot of refugee ‘camps’ is all over the country, especially in small cities at the countryside. Combined with huge tax increases, there is clear ‘tension’ between the swedes and the refugees. A lot of refuge camps have burnt down. Sometimes even inflicted by the refugees themself because of ‘poor food’ and living conditions. A large part of the police force is stationed out to the refugee camps to retain order, and all other crimes in the society has now low priority, resulting in an overall increase in crimes.

    The crime rates (especially rape related) are increasing very fast. A huge problem this year in southern Sweden is criminals using hand grenades at each other when solving disputes. One grenade cost only 2 USD at the illegal market.

    The ability to self defense with weapons is non-existent in Sweden, unless you go for a hunting permit. It’s unknown if there are any preppers that go ‘All In’ for a hunting permit just for defense purpose. Why? Read below. The prepping movement is ridiculed and compared to Doomsday Prepping. At the largest swedish speaking survivalist forum, http://swedishsurvivalist.egetforum.se/ , according to their rules: “No talks whatsoever of weapons or migrant crisis. All threads will be deleted”. It’s f*ckin absurd!!!

    Sweden is a country with a lot of hunters, approx 300.000 (of a population of 10 million). The weapon regulations is one of the hardest in the world. To get an ordinary shotgun permit you have to attend to an advanced training, and hard theoretical and practical exam. (In my case it took halv a year with everyday studying and a lot of practice at a shooting range. It was way harder than getting a driving license, but I had no prior experience in hunting).

    There are a limited choice of weapons they are quite expensive. The weapons license have to be paid for and approved by the police after a meticulous investigation that can take half a year. All weapons have to be stored in approved and certified locked gun cabinets.

    To sum it up: It cost a HUGE amount of money to own the simpliest low budget rifle or shotgun in Sweden. A minimum entry price, all inclusive, will be 30.000 SEK (approx. 3550 USD) and a lot of time invested. So, weapon owners in Sweden is the most law-abiding citizens here, because even the smallest minor legal offense will result in confiscated weapons. Even doctors and psychologists have a obligation (according to law !!), to report all patients to the police that could be temporary depressed and therefor suicide risk. Or if your doctor suspect that you are drinking to much or using illigal substances. So if you are a huntsman in Sweden, visiting a psychiatrist is a big: NOPE! Forget it! No way in hell!

    With all that backround, you might now understand the frustration in the hunting community, when the new EU-directive (that came after the Paris attacks) demands 5 year maximum length of weapon permits, mandatory health exam and outlawed confiscated halfautomatic rifles. Some hunters now discuss how to obtain illegal weapons, purely for self defense.

    So, to answer your question: YES, there is much more fear and preparedness compared to one year ago. And for you who think Sweden is a safe zone: It’s changing fast. Very fast. And the governement is slowly starting to lose control.

  4. I, too, live in a very remote area in the US. The terrain of the area is actually pretty good protection from a nuclear blast that might occur at one of the likely “nearby” sites (100+ miles). A HEMP however could easily affect our little town. Natural disasters are also pretty well removed. The closest thing to a disaster we would likely experience is a heavy snowfall (which is rare here). The terrain that protects us from fallout would become a series of slippery slopes if everything got iced over.
    There are a pretty large number of hunters in the area, so roving gangs may have difficulty gaining traction. I say may because I’m sure the sheeple will panic and some will turn to less than civilized behavior.
    Seeing what’s happening around the country, and the world, I know my situational awareness skills have become heightened. I used to fly for a living worldwide, but will avoid it now whenever possible (which for me is always). I drive 10 hours to visit my mother-in-law. And like Hillbilly, always armed.

  5. Brazil: When the situation is really serious or potentially serious if government and media disclose this fact, there is more chaos and confusion and fear and trouble, then they (media and government) minimize, reduce the maximum information about it. When we (you and ordinary citizens) have the information that you are going in, so we have a chance. The fact is that the world is changing so, and the time of the good days of sunshine and peace are decreasing. You can tell that Brazil, with over 200 million people, can not do anything but look and think media the next day. No one here is prepared. And weapons to civilians is impossible. More difficult than in Sweden.
    We urgently need more SELCO in Brazil !!

    1. Hey Miguel,

      I married a Brazilian gal and am trying to get her family better prepared and put better caches in place in case we are in Brazil when the SHTF, but finding gear down there is problematic. Any suggestions?



      1. I have never lived in South America. My thoughts are that the most valuable thing you could have is American currency. You want to be mobile and carry something valuable and light weight. However, there is one weakness to carrying American currency: some day in the future, even American currency will lose its value. I believe it will be the last currency standing, that all other currencies will collapse first, but even the American Dollar will be worthless some day.

  6. As always, sound and balanced commentary from Selco.

    He is right of course… generalized hate is never helpful. Generalized CAUTION may well be warranted, but try not to lose your humanity as you try to keep your life… and vise-versa.

    Be realistic. Be alert. Be balanced.

  7. My children and many other kids practice “active shooter” or “intruder in the building” at least twice a year now while at school. My children keep their eyes open for gang thugs while on the street, curfews mean stay inside, smarter kids do that, crazy kids dare the rules and often pay the price of arrest or worse especially in the summer,

  8. This is like many others on this forum an interesting post. I am moved to reply by the urgency prompted by current events. I too am not fearful as our Nanny President has told us but angry not so much at terrorists but at our own government for its lies compounded with its idiocy. There is one thing that really and basically bothers me. Those of us who pay attention and are called among other things “conspiracy nuts” are mocked for our views. The current occupant of the White House and his circle of enablers are not stupid people. They may be wrong headed or even evil but they are not idiots. They know as example that what they term “assault weapons” are an insignificant part of the alleged “gun violence problem” here in the US. I have heard the current occupant of the White House admit such on National Television yet they call for further and more draconian firearm regulation even up to the banning and confiscation of the rifles in question. The fact that one the one hand they admit the lack of relevance of the “assault rifle” to their perceived violence problem indicates very plainly and obviously at another more serious agenda. The exact nature of that agenda is open to question but its existence is as plain as proverbial day. That is the focus of my real concern. I am capable of taking care of random thugs in a WROL or grid down situation but not capable of taking on a Army Rifle squad backed by official dictates of an administration no matter the legitimacy of such. So many areas of Prepper or Survivalist mind set are affected by the same syndrome. Denial of reality on the one hand and an obvious agenda for control and destruction on the other. FEMA tells us to have stocks of essential materials on hand for emergency while other government sources tells folks we are idiots for doing so. Our response to Terror is only one face of a multi faceted problem.

  9. Well imho as an ex service man, only a fool wwould let this many unchecked potential enemies in the gates.
    im in the uk, unoficial/official figures point upwards of 800,000 given national insurance numbers (our version of social security numbers) last year alone. But they refuse to give an exact number!
    So I would assume its over the million mark. Probably the same this year, mainly battle age men……
    nobody would have minded im sure women and kids.
    A comparison would be us fighting the nazis and letting millions of battle age male germans in…..

    A lot of “conspiracy” sites agree that its a means to an end. The end being the total disarming of all civilians of guns AND knives, except cutlery.

    Theres an old saying from somewhere that said even the most benevolent governments aspire to be a totalitarian regime secretly with total control over every aspect of their citizens lives.

    Maybe this is just their next step towards that goal of one world government, maybe its all coincidence its all happening all over the world at the same time…. I doubt it though.

    Remember the accidental open mike incident between putin and obama?

    “Lets wait till my second term” or words to that effect…

    I see whats happening as being like a big jigsaw puzzle but without the picture to see what your making.
    Imho theres a big plan being played out here, to what end Im not sure…. Im 100% that this is not a coincidence in any way. Our pm is after the e.u. banning ALL semi autos, also somebody else is after banning all air guns.
    Only a fool cant see where thats going. Nazi germany before the war did the same.

    What the ultimate aim is, is still supposition to us, though I feel that like the majority here, fear has no place in our plans. Watch, learn, remember, prepare.

    I think dark times are coming my friends, just how dark its going to be, I dont know. All I know is that I have a very bad feeling about things.

    My only advice is to keep your head down, watch whats going on, and step up the situational awareness on all fronts…. keep prepping foods, gear, knowledge.

    If it goes tit up is another saying here, f*ck knows who we’ll have to fight, here in england our armys that badly equipped and funded it probably wont be them, or not for long anyway. BUT it all depends on the end game….

    War? Citizen domination and control? Who knows.

    Anyway, happy holiday guys and a hopefully an uneventful new year wherever you may be!

    1. I worry more about active duty servicemen that IGNORE THEIR OATH than some refugees. Many times american soldiers were ordered to shoot at americans. Kent State being the most recent in history.

      I know many Veterans and they all tell me, “Don’t trust active duty, they will shoot you if ordered to” I don’t know of a single veteran that looks upon the service as honourable or there for our protection.

      It’s the fool that fears these refugees that are fleeing the conflict at their back door. A bigger fool is the one that trusts the heavily armed forced in their back yard that say, “we are here to protect you”

      1. Carl,

        You said “I know many Veterans and they all tell me, “Don’t trust active duty, they will shoot you if ordered to” I don’t know of a single veteran that looks upon the service as honourable or there for our protection.” You are paranoid delusional.
        I’d be very interested in finding out what “veterans” you associate with. You never served a day, did you? So yeah, go ahead and hide in your bunker, and make sure you tighten the chin strap on your tin foil hat because I’m a veteran and I’m coming for you. Idiot.

    2. Of course its a means to an end. And what bothers me about Selco is that he dont seem to understand who created this migrant crisis. Remember, terrorism is not only a man with a sucide vest blowing himself up, its also a counry with advanced fighter jets, cruise missles and aircraft carriers that destroy other countries, it IS terrorism by same definition: “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” This state terrorism is exactly what breeds and promotes radicalization, its not “islam” or “allah” or some other nonsense. If somebody would destroy your country and you lose everything, you would propably become terrorist yourself. The West created a problem by desroying Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, now Syria etc… THEY created this whole mess all those refugees, then THEY opened borders and created this migrant crisis… This is all by design folks. In my opinion its all because the Western economic, financial and monetary system (a ponzi scheme of epic proportions) has run its course and it will collapse soon… And establishment needs desperately some big chaos and/or war to explain it all away and hit the reset switch on the other side. And boy i hope im wrong….

      1. “Freedom can be taken by the terrorist, but also it can be taken by the government in the name of fighting against those same terrorists.
        If you are living in western modern society ask yourself, do you still have the same freedoms like 20-30 years ago?
        Is it actually getting worst?
        Are you as a survivalist actually getting profiled or out and out labelled as a possible terrorist?”

      2. In my opinion we are living the last of good times. As more and more technology increases. Less and less human labor is needed. As the need of labor decreases so do the need for population. Look for Northern Europian countries. Then are happy as my dog with his bone. So in the eyes of goverments and corp. human life is a diminishing value. As long as they can enslave all of them with diamond, smartphones an some technological or brand named staff they have already invented 3-4 years ago and slowly releasing to the markets. Think this when i was young the first cd reader came to market as x2 in 3 years there were x32 cd writers and now we dont even need them on our pc. But during that period i have to buy 5 diffrent cd readers for my pc. Which i worked earned and pay the fee of them from my good young days. So i always ask my self this. How may hours does it takes me to buy this crap. (exp from iphone 5 to ip 6) Is it rational for me to work for x hours for that crappy phone? Or is it more nice to goto beach swim or camp for that amount of time. Also if u watch intel factory in youtube “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KTKg0Y1snQ” u will see that now corp. don’t need to much human labor for to get richer. As in japan scientis are trying to make humanoid robots “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF39Ygp53mQ” for to replace info desks. Or Asimo to help in people for carrying stuff. Or non human drones or robots to fight. More and More humans are forgatten. As they forgot humans the reaction to a massacre or war crimes is decreased too. If u have watch interstellar there is a small sentece in the news there “Bombed …. Country because there is no food for them” thats the way human kind will go… And think that how many accountts were fired when the for accountig computer system is brougth to a company. How we used to talk to a secrety but now we listen and press some numbers. But this trancation will take time like 20-30 years. Because if all the jops are made by robots and automated systems, then there will be big un employment. And also some undevelloped countries wont need to decrease their population so that if developed countries need to decrease popu. they have to find a automated way to protect their borders from infantary of many people. Thats why Google is now investing on android humanid companies. No media will say u that ur children will suffer from unemployment. Only if u can undestand it from President Obama asks America to learn computer science.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XvmhE1J9PY”

      3. “If somebody would destroy your country and you lose everything, you would propably become terrorist yourself. ” Congrats, so true. Just watch Red Dawn (2012) “http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1234719/”

  10. In Orwell’s extrapolation of current events into the future he surmised in his book, 1984, what the future of governments would become:

    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.

    What pure power means you will understand presently.  We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites.

    The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal.

    We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

    The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”

    And as to what life would like for the peoples living in world like this Orwell simple stated: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

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