Survival programs

Here you’ll find all our survival programs. We have both online as well as in-person courses. For more information click on each course below. 

Survival Bootcamp

What is the SUrvival Boot Camp?

Intro & Survival Psychology






Bugging Out Course Sweden

SHTFSCHOOL is coming to Sweden

Our ‘Urban Bug Out Course’, will help you understand the realities (and difficulties) of ‘Bugging Out’ in an Urban Survival scenario.

This course provides a unique opportunity to learn and apply a comprehensive set of skills in a condensed but appropriate ‘entry level’ environment.

Selco and Toby approach all aspects of this process from their relevant experiences and viewpoints giving a powerful amount of understanding and insight to all students attending.

Field Discipline

Quiet Communication

Route Setting

Field Hygiene

Bug Out Exercise

And Much more!

Survival Course Croatia

take your Skills To the next level

Experience a range of new skills, challenges and survival scenarios under the guidance of Selco and Toby at our exceptional training area in Zadar, Croatia.
In this scenario based course you can learn the key principles and skills to Urban Survival. We will take a small group of people from diverse backgrounds through common scenarios that Selco has experienced in his time during the Balkans war.

Custom Courses

Custom Courses

Contact our team with your requirements and we will design and run a course just for you and your group. Once we establish your available time, budget and key learning objectives we will design a course to give you the very best return on your investment. We can source training locations or use a location of your choosing.

We can provide courses for all budgets, and often, training is more affordable than people think. So if you truly want to improve your survivability, contact us today.

This is a very unique service and one we are proud to offer. Our instructional team here at SHTFSchool have an exceptional array of skills too offer, across a large spectrum of survival matters. We also have some powerful partnerships with specialist instructors from around the world, and we can include these Subject Matter Experts into training where necessary.

Email [email protected] to begin the discussion of your training requirements. We are here to help…

Custom Consultation


We are available for expert consultation on any and all things survival and preparedness related. From reviewing survival kits, running online group discussions, through to physically visiting sites to give you a detailed review and assessment of your preparations and many more services.

Simply contact us with your specific requirement and we will tell you how we can best help. As always, we aim to provide the best service for the most competitive price.

Email [email protected] to talk about your requirements.

A Mile in my shoes

Visit the place where I went through hell

Most of our physical courses are designed to be mentally and physically challenging. This latest course is very different. It has been a tough, hard and very personal decision for me, but recent world events make me believe it is the right thing to do. In this course, you will travel with me to the city where I survived SHTF. 


For 2,5 days I will show you where I lived, how we moved, how we traded and tell you first hand accounts of what happened to me and my friends on the very sites where these things occurred.

This course will focus very much on talking and learning. It will not be physically demanding at all. BUT it will give you an incredible opportunity to learn more about how I survived what I did, and for you to understand and come to terms with what actually happens in a SHTF event.

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