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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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You may say that question „are you ready (for some big s..t)?“ is either nothing new and that we always in something very bad or you may say that I simply do „fear shoveling“ with that question.
I strongly believe that you are wrong, and now is perfect time to ask that question.

Bad times

Depending where we are living and how old we are bad times are periods in our lives.
No matter how my „bad times“ might be different from your „bad times“ fact is that we are all survived or will survive some in our life time.
And no, I do not talk about those „bad times“.
I am talking about something that we are slowly sinking in, during last few decades, you can name it with many names, and it is combination of many things…things like devaluation of core (human) values, confusion with fact who we are and what we want to be, or how we want to be seen from other people.

Or you can call it slow deterioration in each field of human activity…anywhere from what real democracy should be to call for actual dictator ship because „we know what is best for you, and we know it better they you“.
Bad times are part of our lives, but if you somehow manage to distance yourself from your own bad times, or in other words if you distance yourself far enough to see bigger picture you can see, or at least see blink of bigger picture, that bigger picture says that we are deterioration slow, but we are kind of catching up speed too.

These times are truly bad times.

SHTF what and when?

Let s skip whole volumes of nonsense what actually SHTF is, and what is not, and please let me say one of my favorite explanation what (real) SHTF is: it is time when people realize there is no repercussions for their (bad, evil, wrong, violent…) actions, or at least those repercussions are months away“

So, yes, SHTF might be floods in your area for few days, but I do not talk about it, I talk about more intense event, or event with more duration…usually it is combination of both.
If we want to take let s say educated guess when and how it will happen (at larger, or world scale we can say that either it is gonna be result of long or prolonged bad times (like we described bad times above) or it is gonna be result of some very bad (and big) event.
In reality again it will be combination of both.
If we have prolonged bad times, that big large spark does not need to be very bad or catastrophic (example could be some disease that is not deadly but overwhelm medical systems) but people do not need too much after prolonged bad times right?
Now can you imagine situation when and where we are after prolonged bad times faced with possibility of nuclear escalation?
You do not have to imagine it too much, we are living that situation for some time…it is just most of us have been trough lot of bad things that we are seeing it as a one more period of bad times that will go away.

Are we and how many of us aware that truly SHTF is close, and that we might be facing something that is really big and bad?
I am following some news and actually want to see moment and information when and where I will see start of that spiral of retaliations from very small and limited to full scale thing.
Are we going to dodge it this time too?

Are you ready?

So, are you ready for possibility of world involved in nuclear war, with all „fun“ that war brings?
Can anybody be ready for that?

I think we are facing events in close future that might be ranged anywhere from:
very bad-world where there is no universal rule of law, where there is only law of stronger, and that will be introduced anywhere from small local level where you ll be forced to live based on agenda of „real democracy“ which means cancel culture, absolute inversion of freedom of speech, in world where your kids will be encouraged to sell you to authority because you are relic of some old time and you do not comply. On state and nations level who ever have more power will oppress smaller nations in hunt for resources, in the name of own nation.
Or horrible- world where in lack of communication or lack of will to accept defeat we all gonna end up in nuclear holocaust and something that I always kind of laugh at-Mad Max type of survival.

Are you ready?

This blog post is an introduction and overview on this specific question, but I’m going to talk about it in more detail over on Patreon, feel free to join me there:

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Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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  1. Guys, I hope you are okay with the situation you have again in the Balkans. I need to know if there is the possibility of translating the course, or is it only available in English?
    I wish you a happy new year 2023, enjoy what you can and gather strength, we are going to need it.


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