Going it Alone… Some Things To Consider.

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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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In one of my recent posts I wrote (answering one reader’s question) about perspectives of surviving SHTF between being alone in urban settings or being in wilderness settings and similar, and just like always, I concluded that it is very hard to survive alone when SHTF especially in urban settings.

I’ve written numerous posts about advantage of having a trusted group when SHTF.

Still I get questions about how to actually survive alone when SHTF, or how to be lone wolf. So it make sense to write a post about it.

Yes, people managed to survive alone when SHTF, but in much lower percentage and at much higher price (and effort).

So, based on the my experiences, of what I saw, and what kind of folks  survived alone (and how). Here’s some advice for all you lone wolves out there:

Mental Strength – Having A Cause

Being alone in hard times gives you much more chances to find yourself without emotional or psychological support when you need it.

SHTF situation will have huge impact on your mental state, your emotional strength, and since you are going to be alone, you will lack that everyday small and big support from your family and friends in group.

Do not underestimate the effect of this. If you forget, over time you may well just turn into an animal, or simply get yourself in a state where you going to make some basic mistake and end up dead.

I was in group during my SHTF, and I had support from other family members, but still I had moments when I had doubts about everything, when I was so deep down that I could not see and sense and reason to move on, I had my own method for coping with that, together with support from close family and friends.

What you can do if you are alone?

Find yourself a cause and purpose in the chaos that will unfold around you.

If you are believer, a religious man (or woman) you may have an advantage here, that can give you strength and sense in everything.

Other things help also, be sure to find out what helps in your case before SHTF, because remember – you are going to be alone with your fears and doubts.

I knew a man who was alone during the SHTF, and he wrote everyday a journal about things that happened around him , he told me later that he started with that without any plan, over some time it became almost ‘sense of everything’, to carefully monitor all what happening and to preserve it in written form. 


I already mention that if you are planning to be alone when SHTF you need to be mobile, very much, what does that mean?

It means that you need to be ready to move more, in any case , much more then if you had a group.

Acquiring information, getting resources, scouting etc etc it all come to you only, you are everything in your survival circle.

That can change lot of things.

For example how much firepower you can have alone in defending your home against invaders, let’s say against 15 invaders?

It simply mean that there is much more chance that you can not defend your home because you are one man, that equals that there is much more chance that you ll be forced to leave (run) from your home.

All that means is that you must be ready to have more. More then one shelter, more than one secret stash with ammo, weapon, food, etc more then one option for almost everything.

You need more options because you are alone.

It is simple- lone wolf needs to pay attention on same things just like any other group of survivalist, but much more and much deeper. Because you will pay for your mistakes much higher, and usually only once and you are gone.


Every survivalist need to have certain skills, group or no group. Lone wolf survivalist need to have skills to, but again on a much deeper level.

He needs to be expert in at least one (Relevant) field.  As a lone wolf you’ll be forced (especially in prolonged SHTF) to form some kind of alliances to get stuff, or simply you’ll be forced to join (for shorter or longer period) to some group.

When all you other „valuables“ are gone (and you have more chances for it to be gone because you are alone) you will have that precious skill as a bartering value. Your skill will be much more important to you because you are alone.

Choose today, before SHTF, some skill that you feel and find best suits you and learn everything about it.

Think about weapon repairing, gardening, medical skill, herbal knowledge…

Become a real master in it.

One more thing about being alone and skills. Simple fact that you are alone asks from you much more effort and skills then having trusted friends or group, and it goes like that for every aspect of survival.

It take much more time to gather firewood, start fire and prepare food for you alone, than if two or three men do that. Not to mention how many skills have three men combined together comparing to one survivalist.

Let me give you example, and it is real life experience based, if two survivalist travel through urban area and decide to spent night or few hours resting in some ruin it is easy more or less, they choose building, check it,and take rest with one man on watch.

If you travel alone, you will look for building, you will do that with more effort, it will take more time, you will look for a bit different type of building because there is one defender (you), you will have to make some traps (warning or killing) which will take more time, and you’ll sleep with „one eye open“ and so on…

As I said, both examples are from my experience and my SHTF. Being alone is not impossible, it simply requires more effort and skills.

Other People and You


You are lone wolf, but you will be forced to deal with other folks, that is for sure. You will come in situation to cooperate with other people, or to trust to other people.

My survival philosophy when it comes to urban survival is that urban SHTF means more people, and more people means more problems, because you’ll have to deal with people more or less in order to survive.

That „dealing with other people“ when you are lone wolf is much more dangerous then dealing with them while you are in group.

It is simply because you are more vulnerable, less protected.

For example if you are going to trade deal it is much more dangerous for you alone to make safe trade setup, as opposed to having you and two more group members with you.

With that in mind you come to the point where you may conclude that you’ll be forced much more to avoid people because you are lone wolf. It is simply safer like that.

There is reason why most of the lone wolves who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people.

Aftermath and Consequences


Again let me explain through my experience and my example.

I survived SHTF.

I have PTSD for years, which drives my mind everywhere, from thoughts of ‘reasons for still being on this world’ up to the thoughts of writing the book.

I can say that I am pretty much not capable of living normal everyday life, I cannot stand crowded places, in nice cafes I look for possible exits… in exchange for this pain I am completely sure and ready for another SHTF.

But again that does not give me ease of living normal life, simply I have lost that ability long time ago because I went through SHTF.

I forgot names of people, or streets or places, I even sometimes forget when exactly my kid is born.

But I remember so clear how grown up people cried before they died, gaping wounds and blood that always gave me „how much blood is there“ thoughts, smell of building on fire, crackling noise of fire and glowing that mesmerized me.

And I remember much worse things, they are carved in my brain…

I am all that and I remember all that, even though I had support through my group of family members. We cared about each other, about mental state of each one of us.

I feel sorry for lone wolf survivalist who will survive SHTF, he is going to be mess.

There is reason why most of lone wolfs who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people before and have terrible time with the aftermath after…

As you might conclude up to now, there is no magic formula about how to survive alone when SHTF.

Rules of survival are mostly same like being in group, but much harder or sharper in a way, with much less margins for error…

*Toby Comments* – Selco raises a REALLY important point today about the ‘aftermath’.

So many of us are focused on surviving bad times, but we have to think, what ‘price’ will that journey cost?

One of the reasons we do so many of our physical courses in the Balkans is to clearly show people the ‘aftermath’ of such events. Even now, 25 years after the war, you will see people, ‘regular’ people, just wandering in the streets and the towns, still clearly struggling with what they went through. It is ‘normal’ in this area.

Every village, every town, has the people that are ‘known’ (by the locals) to be ‘still fighting the war in their mind’, to visiting outsiders it is a often shocking, very clear and sobering indicator of the cost of living through terrible times… This is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook.

Survial Bootcamp

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

42 Responses

  1. MOST lone wolfs will not survive. Only a fool will plan to be a lone wolf. Time and time again history has shown that the survivors are the ones who built a network. IMO, do NOT wait until SHTF to build a network.

  2. Sobering read for sure – thank you for your continued advice and guidance Toby and Selco.

    I am a father and husband and quite frankly the whole SHTF scenario scares me to the core as from reading all your materials, it is a hard and harrowing ordeal.

    It seems more likely than SHTF will hit most areas of the world in my life time, I am 31 years old and based in the UK.

    The main point I have taken away from this post apart from preparing properly for SHTF is to acquire and master one of the seven skill pillars – I must ask Selco/Toby, should I pick a skill to master that is relevant to my area/terrain or better to learn a skill that can be applied anywhere?

    Stay safe,


  3. Oh Please…I am so sick of this BAD brainwashing.
    I spent 25 years in war zones across the world as a “lone wolf”.
    I trust NO ONE! — Those you “trust” will be dead, or so far away that you can’t get to them.
    How do YOU plan to feed and PROTECT those people who DO NOT have YOUR skill set, training, resolve etc…
    Stop telling us about “SHTF”.. It is a ZERO SUM GAME!
    What do you think you will be “surviving in to” anyway?
    E-7 Ret.

    1. @Gunny 1960


      No offense, but you sound like one of those guys that “is still fighting the war”, in fact you sound like my Dad, so I completley understand. And I understand if you will never be able to let go. My guess is the people you thought you could rely on let you down back then and now trust is a major issue for you. But, I think what Selco is trying to point out his how he survived and what worked for him. It is true it may not work for everyone, but please don’t discount it. I do not feel sorry for you Gunny nor do I pity you, to do so for someone who has most likley been through more than anyone can imagine would only be degrading to their experiances. Just know it is okay to “come back”…

  4. Excellent points. I believe the most important skill in SHTF will be the ability to negotiate. After a natural disaster some years ago here in the US, a contract Security team set up in the hospital they were ordered to protect after it was abandoned. 24/7 for weeks they could hear firefights all around them. The third week, the National Guard rolled in, with orders to occupy the hospital. The team leader negotiated with the Guard commander to split the hospital between the two forces. Better for all.
    Skills cannot be taken and are a bargaining chip. I’ve been an aircraft and car mechanic, I now work as a building maintenance person so I know the skills needed to keep any building running, plus I was in the military in combat jobs. With my PTSD , I have difficulty with relationships. If anyone will become a lone wolf it will be me, I’m afraid. I have no romantic notions about it, believe me.

  5. Gunny,
    I am an experienced martial artist with loads of combat skills. I beg to differ. If my team finds you and you are alone. You will no longer have your stuff. You absolutely CANNOT stop a force of a team of pirates with combat skills. My team has yet to not take what we want when we want! One man could NEVER stop us I guarantee. If I were you I would have a backup plan.

  6. I don’t know man, if you go into this as a lap dog you’re not coming out of it. Unless you have a master…
    If you go into it as a bad-ass Rottweiler, 142 lbs or so, you might come out of the event as a skinny, bony old dog with a limp and a shit-load of battle scare’s and only one eye……And your name is “Lucky”
    But if you go into this as a pack of hunting hounds, seems you might have an advantage. Feeding all them hound-doggies.. is going to be the challenging part, so don’t forget to prep for them hounds. They’ll need all the medical you will in fact a lot more, I’m so good at stitching I’m practically a “Plastic surgeon”. I’ve got more experience with Blue-tics, but Walkers and Redbones are all good hounds.
    So one time I caught a fox that had been killing chickens, caught it in a box-trap. My son and I went down the road to the big meadow. I gave him the fox and a walkie talkie, and drove up the road with just two hounds. I’d say about 150 yards.. I called back to my son, said let em out. I waited about 30 seconds and let them dogs go. This ain’t a long story, it was over for that fox in about a minute. Wasn’t evan sporting like.
    So the moral of the story… If your a “Lone-Wolf” don’t let the hounds git-chu-son.

  7. HUH, I wonder how the mountain man did it alone with primitive weapons against mostly superior fighters and greater numbers and without a support group, in winter no less. Most survived quite well for months and months, years maybe. I’ll have to go back and read their history again. (Of course they were in the wilderness where the survivors will be, not the cities.)

  8. Gunny = living in a fantasy.

    If you were 25 years in “war zones” and are an E-7 retired, you were part of a team. And you had the supply chain of the largest commercial entity on planet earth (DoD).

    Wake up.

  9. Robbie. Watch your 6, sorry your 3, my bad your 9. Ask Selco about ghost snipers. Nothing says ‘ I love you ‘ like a nicotine-salt laced round to the leg or sweet spots. As your thieving Kung-Fu buddies die one by one, you may see the world in a different light or be the next to receive a thank-you love tap for being a big asshole. The husband of a friend had your attitude and skill set. His hobby was beating women and weaker guys and stealing. The car bomb did not give a fuck about that. The Motherfucker was crawling around dragging his torn-off bottom half while cursing and threatening everyone. No body there gave a fuck the bastard was torn up and dying. Payback is a bitch. This was during peace time. SHTF ? Your ass is grass and no one will cry for you. PLEASE, reconsider your mindset.

    Gunny. You are so right about being able to care for yourself ‘Solo’ if need be. What would be the point of having a night guard who falls asleep or abandons post. You are then more venerable than being alone. Friends and family can and will die without forewarning. Deadheads are deadly poison to anyone near or depends on them to do their part. Most people have never experienced real SHTF or real Hard Times. They cry over petty shit and play the “Woe is Me’ violins. Or they Hollywood pretending they are untouchable or are bullies to weak people and animals. But when push comes to shoves, they buckle in. Few are exceptions to the general rule, however most are not. Lone Wolf or Pack Wolf has its good and bad.

    No one walks through the Valley of Hell and makes it to the other side without deep scares. The trick is to compartmentalize before, during and afterwards. Being cautious and alert is a good thing to have anytime. Just take control of your mindset to avoid depression or paranoia without solid justification. It takes practice as in any skill requires. I have helped myself and many others who did/seen/been done to, some really horrible things. This does require much one on one consultations and designed for the individual’s soul and mentality. Split personality can be a very valuable coping tool for some people. One can be a caring and loving person as normal state of mind. When needed and only as a last resort, the cold blooded survivor can be released. This will be valuable while in a pack or you find yourself lone wolfing it.
    Keeping a diary/log or having a ‘WILSON’ (Castaway movie reference) will do much towards keeping sanity. POW/prison survivors who drew a figure in their cell or other diversions to talk to, usually return back to normal life better than those who did not. Being feral or being a smart crazy can be fun state of mind and rather freeing. It also can become a nightmare if not kept inline with reality.
    The TV show ” Alone ” is a good example how capable people can come undone even with strong survival skills. Most who failed was because they could not disconnect from the past and focus on the present. In the wild it is bugs, bears and weather. In the urban it is disease, thugs and bullets. Know you new environment and deal with it accordantly. Not the same as before SHTF and if you hope to see the other side, say goodbye to yesterday and move on to tasks at hand. Once you arrive on other side, start over to the new reality.

  10. In a SHTF scenario like selco survived, a lone wolf is more than likely screwed. As I see it, urban survival in a similar situation is a low percentage game any way you look at it. If you have the opportunity to move to a rural area before the balloon goes up, you’re going to be way ahead. Metro areas are death traps.

  11. That is why I changed all my plans as I was alone, no tribe, in the middle of the mountains… I bought a boat and she is a deepwater boat and I am getting her ready now in a coastal city and when things get bad I will just take off. I will either head somewhere there is no conflict or will join with other “boat people” and convoy with them. That will be my new tribe and if it happens not to work out I will simply head off somewhere alone and try to make use of the natural resources in the oceans and islands of the world.

  12. @Robbie,

    Yeah, but one man can put enough hurt on a band of pirates to make it very expensive to take his stuff.

    I mean, seriously,you think someone who’s alone is fair game? Does that include little old ladies, children and women?

    You seriously need to sit down and think before you start spouting off.

    By the way, I in no way ever intend on going “lone wolf” if SHTF. However, one also needs to recognize that plans never survive first contact. So one has to recognize one may wind up on their own. Best be prepared to deal if it happens.

  13. @Frank you need to read up on your history. The ones you are describing were the early Mountain Men who were there before the Indians were trying to kill them. After enough run ins with white people the mountain men are described as;

    (wiki) Mountain men were most common in the North American Rocky Mountains from about 1810 through to the 1880s (with a peak population in the early 1840s). Approximately 3,000 mountain men ranged the mountains between 1820 and 1840, the peak beaver-harvesting period. While there were many free trappers, most mountain men were employed by major fur companies. The life of a company man was almost militarized. The men had mess groups, hunted and trapped in brigades and always reported to the head of the trapping party. This man was called a “boosway”, a bastardization of the French term bourgeois. He was the leader of the brigade and the head trader.

    The dates given are way to generous as by 1850, calling someone a Mountain Man is like call modern day Alaskans Frontiersman. Taking up space will make neither a mountain man nor a frontiersman.

    They call my current country Bridgerland, named after Jim Bridger, a mountain man who traversed this area, and created forts in these parts after the Army and lots of settlers were in the area.

    Study up on it, and get a clearer picture of actual life during those times.

  14. Skills will only get you so far. If the food/medicine/ammunition/shelter/water is not there then you can go from being inconvenienced to it becoming a life or death situation. No doubts about Selco having PTSD. A misstep, a gesture, a wrong word and one is dead. I used to prep. Now? For health reasons I doubt my survival would be 60 days so don’t bother. Watch some of the survival shows and see what gets the contestants tossed. Malnutrition and infections are the two biggies.

    Going lone wolf? Dangerous. Who keeps watch when you sleep? Who has your back in a fire fight/escape? Too many ifs to rely on going lone wolf. Between nine to 16 people with a clearly defined leader is an optimal amount. Some forage, some rest, some guard, etc while the whole survives. Tasks do not become a 100% of waking activity. Used to have a bolt action rifle and the ammunition came in 440 round tins. 880 rounds was a heavy load. Pile on food, water, temp shelter, first aid kit and you would be up around 100 lbs easy. Walking long distances burdened like that is hard. You burn through a lot of calories doing that. Got that many calories to spare keeping on the move? Food becomes scarce. You light a cooking fire and someone who is hungry can smell your pigeon cooking 1/4 mile away. Who will pull guard while you eat?

    It can be done, but survival rates would be very, very low.

  15. What I need to know mostly is how to survive when there is just 2 of you and 1 of you is diabetic? If the SHTF it will for the longest be just my wife and I and she is diabetic. Eventually her meds will run out and she will not be able to eat regularly like she needs to. How do I handle this and keep her alive? As a survivor of communist Vietnam both during the Vietnam war and afterwards, I know her survival skills are better than mine however now she is diabetic. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  16. GRA,
    Depends on the type of diabetes, if it requires insulin or not. I am kinda in the same boat, about all I can do is stretch out her meds as long as I can…right now, it’s all on me, she can’t even walk to the end of the street anymore.

  17. @GRA and Joseph
    Similar situation. Health of wife is a concern in shtf situation. Can’t just abandon so have to slug it out however that looks and however long. Putting together a group but hard to get serious commitment. So far five of us not including wives and kids.

  18. GRA and Delroy,
    I kind of take a “Porcupine Defense” attitude….they may get me, but it won’t be fun. In all honesty, if a real s-tstorm occurred I likely would not survive. It isn’t a general breakdown I fear, but a local one. Experience seems to show that the help does not come quickly.

  19. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…have multiple options for a ‘bug out’ destination. Cold climates are no good..half your efforts will be spent on keeping warm. Know who will be going with you, what their skills are…if you are a diabetic…number one goal right now…get healthy enough to live without medications..it can be done…research it..your life will depend on it. If you are infirm or elderly..but comfortable financially…buddy up with a younger person, or group…who have skills, but no dollars. Negotiate a deal…might be a farmer, who is in debt..but has food growing, water and game. If you are a farmer..look for veterans..they have the skills..but might not have the resources. Make this your ‘hobby’…I spend my time gardening, fishing and hunting…and associate with like minded people…this ‘hobby’ might just keep you alive.

  20. @ Selco..
    How nice of you to be insulting..
    BTW.. AMERICA HAS 340 MILLION people..
    The USA is NOT Sarajevo, Bosnia, Mosul or even Mogadishu.
    YOU did not answer my questions whatsoever..
    YOU JUST INSULTED ME and the MEN who served with and under me!
    (ALL of whom came home ALIVE to their families!)
    1) How are you going to FEED THEM?
    2) How are you going to PROTECT THEM?
    Answer THOSE before you are truly DISMISSED just like “Ray Gano”.. the pussy EX-PAT who shills and sells worthless shit online!

    Ps… YOU HAVE MY EMAIL.. If you want to write to me personally, I will tell you all about Afghanistan 1986-1988, Iraq 1991-1992, Somalia 1993, Afghanistan 1996-1998, Iraq 2001 etc..
    I may even include a copy of my DD214 and “Rack”…
    Carry On,
    USMC E-7 Ret.

    Get off yoir “high-horse.. You are no expert just because you survived a 9 month regional civil war.

    1. Sorry Gunny but again you missing a point here.
      -how am i insulting you or men who served under you?
      -i do not feel i have to answer anything more to you after you accused me for insults
      -you do not know shit about being lone wolf (sorry man-but it is like that)
      -i do not need your mail, we are here to share things with others
      -i never said i am survival expert
      -i survived 4 years war, was very active, during that war i survived around 1 year in siege.

      My English language is not nearly good enough to explain you how wrong you are.
      And simply i do not see sense in arguing and discussing with people who become rude (or acting tough) so early in conversation. It smells like lack of arguments.

      And i am sorry again man, but YOU have just been “DISMISSED”!

      Stay safe!

  21. Gunny,
    First, thank you for your service.
    Second, there have been some poseurs here, whose experience comes from playing “Call of Duty” in an armchair. I don’t think you are one of them. Selco tries to weed them out. He was challenging you to add your input (which would be considerable, I think), not to insult you.
    Third, Selco writes about surviving in a civil war in a modern urban environment, basically using small unit tactics. He has never claimed to know everything. Read though his stuff, if you haven’t already.
    Fourth, putting two and two together: (And I could be wrong) Selco was involved in more organized fighting as part of a militia (likely he had no choice in the matter) but he does not address that in order to preserve his anonymity. The former Yugoslavian lands are still politically unstable (look at why Camp Bonesteel is in Kosovo) and for him to reveal which “side” he was on, or his identity, would risk his life. (The populations on all sides lost, really. The only winners were the political puppetmasters). I don’t think Selco edits people much, but he does try to keep this politically neutral, for good reason.
    Again, I am not trying to speak for Selco. This is just what I have observed. Correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Thanks Joseph!
      I might try to explain to Gunny difference between his SHTF experience and mine. But with some people it is simply pointless.
      He probably talks about operating in tasks where you having support ( strongest army and system in the world). I am talking about circumstances where there is no support like that.
      Explaining that difference is not problem.
      Having conversation with people who are simply angry is problem.

  22. Thank you Selco. At Sailaway, I have had this conversation with many that feel they can just sail away. As a 30+ year professional sailor I at one time had thought of this method. Had the boat and set it up. No longer. Sold my boat and bought an AR15. Many problems, mainly re supply and boat maintenance. Limited space on board. Showing up at an island that no longer has the grocery boat showing up weekly, and where your $40 G-Shock would be quite a trophy can be a problem. Most islands are not self sufficient. Showing up as a stranger, that may not have the same skin color, nor language. There are still areas on islands in the Caribbean that unless you are a local, DO NOT GO. You will not come out. Dealing with the local customs officials can be problematic as well. Most islands forbid guns, you turn them in upon arrival, and get them back on departure (sometimes). Don’t declare them, get searched and you just lost your boat and now in an island jail. Convoy with other boat people, well the law of the sea is that you help other boaters. You may well end up with another crew on board your boat minus supplies, or vice versa. Do you give your last engine impeller to a convoy partner? Many issues with the convoy. Modern reliance on electronics. Experience levels, sea worthiness… Who knows how to celestial navigate anymore? I don’t. I don’t want to shoot your plan down, just that I have much experience and have decided to not continued with that plan.

  23. It is a fine thing to “go it alone” if you have access to all the resources, training, intel, and time to make it work. Being a seasoned combat vet in a war zone with a good rear echelon to fall back on when things get hot, or you need artie or air to clear your pos, or you just need an extraction so you can come back and fight another day really makes a huge difference in how successful a “Lone Wolf” can be if they keep their head screwed on right and the mission isn’t too stretched out. For the rest of us who don’t have an infinite cache of supplies, training, and support from which to operate, going solo is not advisable. Civies are not going to understand what it takes until they are in it, and by then it will be too late for most of them. Anyone who would compare a military career where not just fundamental survival needs were readily available, but also included access to highly specialized resources was highly likely, to what a non-combat civilian might be capable of given their provisional allowances, is an arrogant fool.

    There is no “God-mode” in survival. You work with what you have, and you do your best to make the most of it. When you are out of supplies, your gun is broken, you lost your knife, and you can’t quit coughing, you will lose, unless someone is there to help. Being able to call C&C for a drop is just not an option. Big brass balls only make a “Ching-a-ling” sound. There are those who refuse to move beyond the military mindset/programming of doing things. Once they are done with the military (or the military is done with them), they just can’t seem to figure it out.

    But hey, if you have no interest in reaching out in times of stress, then that is just one less hand my group has to worry about filling. To each his own.

  24. Wow! Great post with great comments. I have nothing to add. However, I was just a little confused by Gunny’s posts but that’s on me.

    A wee personal story related to this lone wolf topic:

    I have for about sixteen years now been convinced that I needed to be part of a group that was actively making preparations for a total collapse of industrial human society. After all of these years of trying multiple ways to make that happen, I find myself facing the very real possibility that I could end up in a lone wolf predicament. Irony, perhaps.

    If “they” get those designer viruses perfected before this thing collapses under its own weight, most of our conversations will be moot.


  25. Something else to remember about “Lone wolf” situations…if you get hurt, there is no one to help you. If you become ill, there is no one to take care of you. If you need something, there is no one to help you search.

  26. I absolutely understand cons to be a lone wolf but what could i do? I am almost lone wolf now before SHTF. I have absolutely nobody to prep with or team up. I tried to convince some people but no luck. So I was hoping that Selco make article about lone wolf… Now I think I have to options: 1) prepare to survive in wildreness without people and “fight” with nature rather than other people or 2) just loose my fight maybe soon maybe later to some other group. In my country there are many almost savage groups right now before SHTF so after it would be much worst I think… Can I do anything else? I like the idea to sail away but we have no sea :-/

  27. Frank,

    I have studied Mountain Men a bit. I grew up mentored by folks in the American Mountain Man Assoc and as the step-son of an archaeologist, so I had plenty of interaction with Mountain Man researchers and history professors, took an interest in the subject and have attended rendezvous’ and read some journals and so on.

    I have concluded that the way Mountain Men are typically portrayed in books, film & TV is pretty far off base for the most part. Most of them traveled and worked in expeditions called companies and didn’t spend nearly as much time on their own as most folks have been led to believe. Most were part of groups organized, financed, led and equipped by fur companies. In spite of this, they still had very short life expectancy, on average, because they often found themselves in competition with larger groups of Native Americans in the wild and caught diseases in forts and settlements.

  28. About being a Type One, or a Type Two Diabetic.
    If you are overweight, or obese, you must lose weight. This will help much, and a Type Two can actually reverse symptoms of Type Two Diabetes. I know this as fact as I (was) a Type Two Diabetic taking a pill every day to control it. My doctor told me to lose weight, and I did. ( 80+ pounds) Now I take no medications at all, and control my urge to eat anything that is full of sugar. I found out that taking at least 1000mg Cinnamon Capsules twice daily can, and does, control my diabetes. My A1C was at 7.0 last 90 day check-up and my doctor told me if I go over 7.0 he would put me back on Metformin every day. So, I began taking 1000mg Cinnamon Capsules twice daily (morning and evening) every day without changing my diet to experiment if it really works. IT DOES WORK (at least for me it did). My A1C dropped to 6.0 in less than a month! Any store sells the capsules. I buy mine from Walmart cheaply for 400 capsules–Spring Valley brand. These can be stored for an indefinite period of time. Keep them in a dark, cool place if possible. In SHTF you can bury them to keep them cool.
    I hope this tip helps somebody out there.
    Now for Type One Diabetes:
    You just must lose weight, exercise if possible, and take a lot more Cinnamon Capsules daily. Check with your doctor first!!
    Repeat; check with YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!! You MUST eat a healthy diet. Do research, find an alternative if possible. Just do not sit around hoping SHTF never happens. Your life may depend on preparation now, not later. Do not get caught in a SHTF scenario without being prepared. Again I say “your life may depend on it”.
    Good luck to all.

  29. Forgot something:
    My doctor, after seeing an entire point dropped off my A1C in under a month (26/27 days) told me I was his star patient, and he will advise others to try what I did. There is nothing to lose but a few bucks for Cinnamon Capsules.

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