Prescription drugs, mental health and unstable people in survival scenarios

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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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A reader wrote me and spoke about a family who are friends but he found out they are all on prescription medication that keeps them normal. He asks for advice how to deal with this and what can be expected from people like this during collapse.

Today I want to talk more about prescription drugs and medicine. I’m sure many of you who need medication on regular basis have already big stock of them. Know that some prescription medication like antibiotics can be bought as animal medication and so on. But here are some more thoughts on this.

People who have been dependent on some drugs, stuff like sedatives, antidepressants or something similar usually had two choices, first choice was to try to find sources of medicine (black market etc.) or to try to get by with substitutes (alcohol, marijuana or something stronger like heroin).

Second choice was in short to „get over it“ and live.

Of course this other (second) choice sounds and looks cooler and probably more „macho“ but in real life it is not so easy and people needed lot of support.

In my family I had example of a relative who chose first choice and go through our year of trying to survive with some serious drinking, sometimes during that time he was causing more problems than help.

But I also know guy who had pretty poor life before SHTF in terms of his goals in life, way of living and similar. He had bad drugs habits but when everything collapsed, it kinda woke him up in terms that he finds out that there is more real life problems to think about.

He saw that life is cool thing, and it is so easy to lose your life, so this gave him much motivation and energy and he overcome his problems. Years later he lives now life much better than in the time before the war, simply because he changed his priorities in life.

Prescription medication

Being dependent on certain drugs (medicine) that allow you to function properly because you are suffering from certain conditions (and I am talking here about stuff like depression, anxiety, panic disorders, phobias…) can be already hard in normal life.

It is constant and everyday struggle.

Coping with that conditions when SHTF can look impossible, especially without proper support and help. But also, do not consider them „not usable“ and „not worthy“ when SHTF.

For some things survival scenario is good, it can show you what life is, how much you need to appreciate it because you become close to death, and how easily you can lose it. SHTF will show you what is love, hate, fear and extreme emotions. And it can show you your true meaning of life.

My time in war was all about urban survival, besides my trip over mountains to get some supplies, but survival puts you more in touch with yourself and nature. You have no choice.

It is good if you have big stash of medicine you need, but do not stop with this. Living healthy life now, trying to find natural alternatives to drugs you take makes more sense to do now then when you are busy with surviving. From what I read a lot of people in survival scene live in world that they think they can buy safety. They forget about learning new skills and preparing your mind and body. Getting all things ready for harder life includes a lot of areas you have to put work in.

It is easy to take care of your teeth now, get regular checkup and any holes fixed. Someone else does it you just lie down. But try to clean up your medical problems as much as you can today. In long term collapse it can take years to rebuild system that can offer modern medicine.

So what about people in your family or friends who are dependent on some medication or drugs? What if it is about someone you can not change or who even does not care about preparedness and survival?

I mentioned few times that when SHTF people show their true face, so you can not know how someone will act.

People can act under the stress in some very weird and not common ways, be ready that people who do you consider like „tough ones“ cry, or be useless because of high stress. Theory is one thing but when you smell blood, hear screams and find out that you are about to fight for your life then everything is different.

If you can, take them out on adventure trip. Put them in some stressful situation (you still have control over) and see how they react. Look how these people work. Are they willing to work hard on something?

Do not consider automatically persons on some drugs (antidepressant for example) not usable for SHTF situation. Personally I would focus more on their other qualities and skills. Keep in mind that some people with mental problems have been to very dark places, sometimes only in their mind but for them it is real. They can be tougher and more used to stressful and terrible situations because they are used to it.

You want to prepare and form group for survival.

Group can be great source of support and can carry few unstable people through hard times but make sure you take good hard look how many “bad apples” you can take in your group. Survival is never popularity contest. Some decisions you will make sound cruel, maybe even insane but it is what it is. Let’s be realistic, without modern medicine we would have less people here today.

Even if you take on some unstable people, make sure you have solution to cut them lose from group when you can not support them anymore.

Survial Bootcamp

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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  1. The meds have become an issue in the past years with my immediate family. One has a 3 month survival time without them. We have had an honest discussion on it and what will happen. The depression and pain will kill her before the disease most likely. Not much I can do about it other than face it, pray and discuss it like we have. I will make the best 3 months possible.

    1. I was given that diagnosis after a heart attack 8 years ago. I keep nitroglycerin in my pocket but have ditched all other prescription drugs and been poison free for six years. And I have been healthier also!

      1. Stock up on cayenne pepper so when your nitro runs out, you have the cayenne. Do it the same way as nitro under the tongue. It crosses the skin barrier as fast and ramps up the metabolism. It’s in my first aid kit and all my smaller kits too. Not just for heart but for pain too. Can’t afford meds like most so this is my way…going to natural alternatives. Besides, if someone should take what you have, you can easily have cayenne as a backup and all most people will know is that it’s HOT. You’ll know differently now. 🙂

          1. Turmeric will also help wounds to clot, without the burn of a pepper on the open wound.

            Stay healthy and happy.

  2. It’s one thing to be dependent on antidepressants but when someone has to stop them “cold-turkey”, it causes violent homocidal or suicidal behavior. I experienced mild cases of this while weaning myself off of these meds very slowly over a period of 2-3 months. Luckily, I had already done my research and knew what to expect so I found that agressive exercise for even a few minutes would help alleviate those side-effects. If these meds are stopped suddenly, a person can become dangerous very quickly.

    I was able to get off these meds by changing to an all-organic diet and avoid processed foods completely. I have found that on occasion if I eat something even mildly processed (containing artificial ingredients), I will experience the same problems temporarily for about 24 hours (depression, anxiety, headaches, etc) but they disappear as soon as I get back on my clean diet and flush the toxins out of my body.

    This is what frightens me the most about SHTF because there are so many people on these dangerous drugs. ANY community could experience violence for this reason alone. For anyone on these “medications”, I recommend trying to get off of them ASAP.

    Thanks for bringing up a very important topic!

    1. In survival mode, doesn’t mean stopping cold turkey, but just as you did, start lowering dosage and/or taking every other day. One may find someone with mental illness might do very well. Survival has a way of helping some focus better. I’ve seen it happen.

      1. I read a study conducted after 9/11. People who were depressed reported feeling better after 9/11 and people who had not been depressed felt depressed. Apparently, the attack confirmed the general mental outlook of depressed people, the world sucks. This confirmation made them feel less depressed.

  3. I can see hope for people who take drugs for emotional reasons. For those who need them to survive life such as those who have serious diabetes and thyroid, etc, will not make it. It is not always easy to get a backup supply since doctors many times won’t give out more than a month’s supply at a time. I have been working to try to find natural alternatives to some of these issues (they are not my issues but those of family members) and I have not been successful in achieving good results. One big problem is if you try to grow a plant that might be helpful, it is very difficult to control dosages, and for some issues such as blood thinners, an overdose could cost you your life. However, in times of crisis, you will probably die anyway so it is just a gamble you take. Lots of prayer – both now and then – can be helpful. Bottom line: you have to be prepared to see some of your family die when SHTF.

    1. For those with health challenges other than mental illness, it’s true it may be a matter of time. For those who are healthy, the health challenged may seem a liability. For sure, my nephew sees me that way. We have bluntly discussed this and he’s told me I can’t rely on him. We are Americans and he feels this ways. His loss not mine.
      I use a wheelchair *not all the time but mostly*, I’m diabetic and have a genetic thyroid. This doesn’t stop me from preparing for the worst. My knowledge of mental illness and other more basic primitive living makes me more of an asset even with my limitations. Someone seeing me might mistake me for being helpless. By experience and knowledge I might live longer than him/her. I have gone to herbs and alternatives for medical use. I am currently experimenting to see how to lower my blood sugars w/o meds *doing it safely* even if I run out of meds…….if I survive long enough to teach what I know or a little of it. Then someone else may survive. I have survived much and will again. It’s that survival instinct which can make people more than most think they are.
      As to getting your doc to provide more than 30 days. Just talk with them about a disaster within your local area, tell them you don’t want to be left hanging like so many were in Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina….if that doesn’t do it…get meds online…they love doing 90 day supplies. 🙂

      1. Try Chromium Percolinate for the diabetes. You can find it at lots of health-food stores. Vitamin SHoppe has some good prices on it. When I first heard about this, it was stated that CP would ‘cure’ diabetes. I don’t have it, but I have turned a few friends on to it and it always lowered their blood-sugars. Within the first month. Good Luck!

        1. Huckleberry root is a good treatment for diabetes, too. They grow wild in the southern Appalachian Mountain region (north Georgia, north Alabama, east Tennessee). Harvest the roots, clean them, shave them into water and boil them. Cool the water and set it aside. Whenever you’re thirsty, drink that instead of regular water.

  4. I have an autoimmune disease, recoverable over time, I also am more prepared for a SHTF situation than most everyone i know. One of my main problems is fatigue. Even with that issue, my high mental energy keeps me moving forward. I have become the nagger, whiner that makes friends and family up their game as well. If my group cut me lose, I would burn all my supplies. Americans don’t leave Americans behind. I think you are completely wrong on this one.

    1. Very nice picture you’ve painted, but Americans do abandon Americans. Every. Day. To think otherwise is setting yourself up for failure. I think Selco was very right about potential outcomes. To save yourself from being disposed for fatigue, instead of blocking it as an impossibility, prepare yourself further by focusing on abilities that require less endurance. Lockpicking, hotwiring cars, gauging distances, making ammunition. Things like these will make you extremely valuable and will give your group cause to go out of their way to keep you alive.

      1. And daily intake of cayenne (in capsule form) will give you plenty of energy. Start small and work up. Cayenne will also clean out all or most of the plaque in your veins. Might take some time, but it happens.

  5. Sadly, in the present ‘first world’ western civilization, we are a medicated society. Heartburn? Take pills. Depressed? Take pills. Constipated? Take pills. Etc.

    When we rely on a quick fix to solve our mundane and not-so-mundane troubles, we eventually reach a point where those quick fixes will become scarce, recalled to the manufacturer, or we just don’t have them anymore. When that happens, everyone deals with the withdrawal symptoms. The person themselves, and us. Yes, there are some necessary medications. Many, in fact. But, when we medicate for damn near anything and everything, instead of understanding what’s happening and why, we lean on a crutch that hinders our progress or recovery. I have seen people do amazing things, and not need pills to do them. Resisting pain. Dealing with mental issues. Going without the benefit of over-the-counter remedies. Anyone can do this, if they have the will.

    I believe, for a survival mindset to be successful, we need to look at the little things like pills which will become rare or even non-existent when SHTF. Cigars and cigarettes. Certain kinds of alcohol and snack items. Medications. Technologies. Tampons and such for the ladies. There will be no corner shop. There will be no mail order or internet storefronts. If you need something, learn how to make it yourself, or find an alternative.

  6. Well, the point is one NEVER can predict how anyone will really act in stressful times. We can only look at certain classes of personalities and try to predict how we think they might act. Military type training certainly will help, but that in and of itself will not guarantee an individual’s response to overwhelming situations.

    The truth is, it may be very hard to obtain your needed medicines. If you are taking “heart” or blood pressure medicines, start stockpiling them now. Most Physicians will help you with this, BUT you will most likely pay “out of pocket” for anything more than a three month supply. One thing is true in that we’ll all be very “busy” after an event, so perhaps all those “feel good/ignore life” medicines will not be as necessary. Obtain a twelve month supply, refrigerate it, and try to rotate it with “fresh” stock as you secure your newer prescriptions. Most medicines do not decay in efficacy rapidly, especially when refrigerated. Short stated shelf life is a wonderful marketing tool of Big Pharma.

    Several patient types probably will be “lost” including the psychotics who are barely controlled on the medicines, the “brittle” insulin controlled diabetics, chronic pain patients, and the renal failure patients. Unfortunately in a situation like Selco’s, there will be little compassion, sympathy, or resources available for them when everyone else realizes this is a real situation and the infrastructure available is the only one there and it is a created locally. These kinds of things are not “fair and equitable”, as Selco has pointed out many times.

  7. I read somewhere that the vast majority of folks who are on psychotropic drugs could function without them. They wouldn’t be too comfortable, but they could at least function.

    But, about 2% to 3% of the folks who take psychotropic drugs are the real deal. Your sociopaths. Psychopaths. Split personality disorder. More and worse.

    Since folks who take medications usually have a 30 day supply at home, you can guess what will happen after Day 30, post SHTF.

    Not trying to scare anyone. It is what it is.

    1. Malgus, don’t know where you read about people on meds don’t need them. There is that belief going around. To some extent the pharm companies would have us all on them if possible. It’s why I quit working in the mental health field. Yes there are other ways but like surviving, the payoff has to be a big one. I don’t quote stats since for everyone you find, I can counter with one usually.
      Selco may be able to speak to this more, but my sense is there will be more mental illness after the event as people try to survive. Like with the physical, the mental health of people can be tender and some will break from the strain.
      Selco is right. When it comes down to it, decisions must be hard at times. No one wants to make those decisions but good leaders know they must be made. Support must be given to those leaders too lest they break from their heavy duties. In tough times, support is always needed by and for everyone living.

      1. Yes stay away if possible from the chemicals Yes I too suffer from thyroid and back, I ‘m still here and I do not really live in the ideal idea and believe what is given, handed to me, the ignorance’s are your not mine, any can copy and paste, bliss is your ignorance as long as the grid supports and maintains the bliss you have your ignorance’s, once the grid goes down you lose your bliss and ignorance’s remain which were only ideal in the idea, which no longer exist’s without there grid that’s when one truly realizes.

    2. For depression, take St. Jonh’s Wort. It got me off Lithium (psychotropic drug) back in the early 90’s. I took my daily dose for years, until about 6 years ago and now I don’t find I need them. Life may go up and down but I don’t ride the depression roller-coaster anymore. And haven’t had any suicidal thoughts for at least 15 years.

      I’m not really sure why I don’t need any ‘help’ with depression now. I keep some ST. John’s around just in case (it worked for me within 2 to 3 days after feeling a bout of depression coming on). Maybe after so many years of taking ST. John’s my nuerons got fixed. Who’s to say.

  8. I have thought about this before also. In the case where people suddenly lose everything.. wealth, property, close relatives, etc.. they can suffer from depression. Having a stock of mild anti depressants may help blunt the anxiety.

    Something to think about… But I agree.. that getting off them is also a major issue to be aware of.

  9. I’ve seen drug addicts. It appears to me many of them are addicts simply because they are depressed, lonely, bored, and unappreciated. In a SHTF situation I think their boredom will evaporate, depression will be overpowered by anxiety, fear and pain, and loneliness will not even be important enough to discuss anymore.

  10. I know of few local jailers and they told me some stories about people going without their meds for a few days.
    Like an above poster mentioned, once their 30 day home supply runs out, it will be a very dangerous time.

    Thank God, I’m in pretty good health and don’t have to take any medications.

  11. I have been with some mental ill people I would much prefer to be with than some “sane” people I know. Be sure you’re not just displaying prejudice against people who admit they have a problem and sought help! A lot of people that put himself in the I am better than sick people group need dramatic help and will not admit it! I think if SHTF wie will find a small amount of preppers are actually mentally ill with paranoia and they will fall apart completely and become extremely dangerous in emergency situations

  12. Most “preppers” dont think about this. We have a 3 month supply that we rotate, we also have a large supply of “fish antibiotics” in the safety kits as well. These are the same stuff your doctor gives you but sold for “fish” I also learned how to prescribe and use antibiotics and when they are appropriator. no you don’t need a 12 year degree to know, it takes only a few hours of reading, and honestly I now know more about them than most doctors do.

    I also researched pre industrial revolution remedies. Garlic in high doses is a highly effective antibiotic for example. There are things that can regulate my wife’s high blood pressure naturally, so we are also exploring those. etc…

    Education and knowledge are your biggest and best weapon for survival. No not the Quakery crap like Collodial Silver, or other nutjob things that I see a lot of “preppers” getting involved in after they spent 5 minutes reading a forum. You need to read for hours and days old medical research books, old books on what they did effectively in the Civil War, etc.. There is well documented information on what the American Indians used here for remedies. And if you are ok with building an illegal device, a Pill press, you can easily make penicillin and other drugs yourself safely. but YOU have to do the legwork and spend hours and days researching and reading. You have to take it on as a new hobby. Learning things like how to amputate a leg on the battlefield safely are what you need to know in SHTF. Can you saw off your buddy’s arm while he screams in pain to save his life? Can you keep your vomit off of the limb while you saw? and then carefully dress the wound? Can you make moonshine safely and consistently? as that moonshine is more important as a medical aid. Prescription drugs, do you know what you are taking and why? do you know exactly what they do? have you fully researched alternative treatments?

    Now have you documented all this in a folder/ book that you can refer to in 5 years when you are under the highest stress in your life next to a campfire? 99% of all prepper’s are not doing this. They are busy playing with the latest toys, buying the latest “tools” and waving their guns and painting their 4×4’s… And all of them will be dead in 90 days.

    Know what drugs you or your loved ones are taking, know them in DETAIL, write it down, write down the symptoms of them not taking them and alternate treatments. Research medicine, learn to be a “bush doctor” and have your books. Because IT WILL save your life. A simple infection from a cut can kill you quickly if you dont know what to do.

    1. Wishing they had a ‘like’ button for this one! I couldn’t agree more. Not just to meds but to all daily life. What happens when the ‘stores—meaning your stored up supplies’ run out. If whatever happens lasts for months or years? Getting to know how to do can carry many through when ignorance won’t.

  13. Thanks SELCO & Hi Tim G,
    Unlike you, we’re not prepared for the medical side of this. I have been acquiring ditch medicine lit and some field manuals, but need to combine it. Also we need to complete our supplies, we’ve found sutures, tools and stuff available, but meds are a problem. Short of buying an Ambulance company, assembling a trauma or e-care center isn’t in the cards. Can you point me to the “vet” or “fish” path for meds? We know we need nurses, dentists, para’s, doctors and surgeons in our tribe but might as well contract for obama-care…

  14. I started studying herbal medicine and local botany about 3 years ago for 2 reasons. 1) I needed a replacement for my lost Rx coverage. 2) I saw what I felt was the inevitable collapse of society as we know it. Neither of these 2 scenarios left me in a good position trying to manage chronic pain.

    If we look back in history, 100 or 200 years ago, some of the most revered members of society were doctors, medicine men, or herbalist. Life was a struggle and we needed all the help we could get. Unfortunately, most people today have a distorted reality of the true healing powers these people possessed. Plant based medicines (herbal) is the true path to curing afflictions and diseases. Not simply treating symptoms from a prescription pad as most doctors do today. The problem we face today is most of that knowledge has been lost over time because everyone became dependent on the easy fix of pills.

    There’s a simply reason why their modern antibiotics and antivirals are quickly loosing their ability to control these diseases. Their entire approach of using a SINGLE compound to kill a single disease is fundamentally flawed. When we look at the plant world we find that every single plant has multiple compounds and chemicals. Most of these are still unknown to modern science let alone studied to find out how they actually work. This is why it takes the organisms so much longer to develop resistance to real herbal medicine. The pathogen is being attacked on multiple fronts. Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel when nature has already perfected it for us?

    There are a few herbalist out there who are the real deal. Their knowledge has been passed down from previous generations. They know their plants, what parts to use, how to prepare them and how much to take. This is like being a botanist, a pharmacist, and a doctor, all rolled into one. It’s very difficult to remember the tremendous amount of information so be prepared to be overwhelmed at first. But start simple by trying to remember what plants you have in your area and what they can be used for. Also, which ones are edible.

    Everyone should have at least 3 good herbal medicine and local plant identification books in their inventory. If you suffer from chronic pain like so many of us, check out my article (pg. 34-40) on Willow Bark Tincture in the Fall issue of The Southern Herbalist’s new online magazine. It’s free!

  15. Just to add a comment. It’s not just about the mental health challenges to face. When authorities break down. Consider who is coming out of your jails, prisons and other confinement places. Many of whom won’t be on meds but possibly should be. We can all come up with but this or but that…Selco is giving us his truth. Even in the small towns, all these challenges will exist. We are better when we prepare for the worst case, even when you don’t believe it can happen, prepare for it anyway; then you will know what to do if it does.

  16. Very interesting post. I’m writing a book about Post Peak Medicine, unfinished at present, but you can download a free copy of what’s been done so far at

    I also did a couple of guest blog posts on how someone who is dependent on various pharmaceuticals might survive when those pharmaceutical go away:

  17. I take Synthroid for thyroid problems. As in, I had it removed due to cancer when I was 18. As I joke with some people, I can buy ammunition by the case, guns as I can afford them, food, water, bla bla bla, but I can only get 30 days a month of synthroid. Refilling a day early can build up a supply for a while…until the pharmacy notices. This year, I had a scare in terms of my annual test to see if I’m cancer free or not (going on 17 years now…showing my age) my doctor thought I might need a dosage change. Fortunately not, but that would have negated several years of effort to build up a reserve.

    I have yet to hear of a natural replacement for they thyroid, and the previous doctor looked at me like I’d sprouted a second head when I asked for a lifespan should I run out of medicine. Again, fortunately, the TV show “Lost” was still on the air, and I worked it into a theoretical “stuck on an island with only what meds I had in my carry-on luggage” sort of a discussion. I still got a series of “blink, blink” with him conceding, after his incredulity of any long term lack of medication, even after his theoretical “well, you’d get rescued at some point so if you had a month of pills you’ll be good”, he finally said, well, after a year, maybe more, maybe less, the body won’t quite work so well, but he wouldn’t give me a definitive answer.

    1. The sensible thing to do would be to put up a 1 year (or longer) supply of essential meds. If you store it in a cool dark dry place, it should keep indefinitely, like beans and rice. The problem is, even though I work within the system as a family physician, I can’t see any way in which this can easily be done. The manufacturers are bound by various contracts and ethical standards to supply only to pharmacists. The pharmacists are bound by similar rules to only dispense to the public according to a physician’s prescription. The physician is bound by similar rules to only write that prescription if he has a direct relationship with the patient (no anonymous Internet prescribing unless you want to lose your medical licence), he is monitoring the patient’s condition by doing regular examinations and/or bloodwork, he prescribes only a reasonable quantity at a time, and so on.

      The only ways round this that I can see are to find a “doomer physician” who is sympathetic to your world-view, or to find a reliable Internet source of meds, probably from a foreign jurisdiction, but the “reliable” part of that is going to be difficult to establish, because it’s difficult to be sure of the quality and purity of Internet meds.

  18. A little tongue in cheek sarcasm. Most preppers are like me and have a few pounds to lose. Once food runs scarce, they’ll lose the weight, the blood pressure, and maybe even the diabetes. Just a thought.

  19. Saw some antibiotics and antiparasitics in an animal feed store which can be purchased without prescription for animals. They are possibly o.k. for humans in an emergency but you need to be VERY cautious about using them in terms of dosing and timing.

    In general, however, antibiotics are becoming less effective. Was able to cure MRSA (a resistant staph infection) of my leg with ionic silver. I did not miss a day of work. Many people however have to now be hospitalized to get it under control.

    More suggestions from dr. mercola.

  20. I have Parkinson Disease. I ran out of my Requip for about 2 weeks and I became very emotionally unstable. I don’t remember any of it. My wife called my Neurologist and he stated stopping the med, cold turkey, is very dangerous. Does anyone know what can replace this?

  21. “Thundercloud’s” comment about folks coming out of jails and prisons got me thinking: Selco, what DID happen to inmates? Were they let out? By whom? How about other institutions?

  22. I’ve wondered about this. Due to disease I had my thyroid removed a few years ago and have to take thyroid hormone daily. Wondered about stocking up, but the pharmacy, etc won’t let you get more than 30 days worth at a time.

    1. Jack…depending on your supply, fill it a day early each month. Maybe two.

      Perhaps you’re taking a vacation and need a month supply and you’ll of course pay cash and not run it through the pesky insurance?

      Then there’s the ever present, I left it someplace and need a refill.

      You’re not talking narcotics, after all.

  23. Hello, Selco…

    Do you know of water titration method? It is a do-it-yourself technique for weaning off sedatives, opioids, and similar with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

    Tools required are graduated cylinder (a measuring device used to precisely measure volume), an oral irrigation syringe (no needle), mortar and pestle, and small kitchen blender.

    To use this method, measure in graduated cylinder 250 ml of water. crush pill or capsule in mortar and pestle and put in blender with water. Mix well. Use irrigation syringe to draw of small amount (2-3 ml) of liquid from near bottom of blender. Rinse syringe and replace liquid drawn off from blender with clean water. Put mixture from blender in bottle and drink slowly during course of day. Do the same thing next day, but draw off 4-6 ml of mixture. Continue until you are drinking pure water. This will take two-three months, but will avoid almost all withdrawal symptoms.

    I have used this method successfully and it does work. Of course it would not work for medications you would die without such as heart medicine, etc.

    For life-sustaining medications one approach is to get dr to write prescription for more than you actually need and store what you don’t use. Another method is to get prescription for cheap generic and pay for it out of pocket instead of using insurance.

  24. “Do not consider automatically persons on some drugs (antidepressant for example) not usable for SHTF situation. Personally I would focus more on their other qualities and skills. Keep in mind that some people with mental problems have been to very dark places, sometimes only in their mind but for them it is real. They can be tougher and more used to stressful and terrible situations because they are used to it.”

    While I do not take medications (they only ever made everything worse), you have no idea how deeply this struck me and what it means to me. Thank you.

  25. The reason they say a lot of people on meds don’t need them is because its true. There is a term in psychiatry for people who fake mental illness in order to receive a diagnosis for which there is no cure like bipolar or schizoaffective or schizophrenia, etc.. They are called malingerers. They do this to receive government support, most importantly lifetime disability, housing support, food stamps, healthcare, etc.. There are currently 47 million people in this country on food stamps, but even faster growing is the number on disability. I think more than 20million at last count? I’m not at all saying they are all fakers, you would call me mentally ill. However many are completely faking it, many more are exaggerating the nature of their disability to ensure they can ride for life. One step further, they are prescribed these expensive antipsychotic medications which they don’t want to take because they don’t really need them and they have some side effects, so they sell them on the street to make money. You know what pain pills go for on the street. A pain diagnosis is the same. There is no “blood test, urine test, or lab test” to verify that you have chronic pain. I would love to have a large supply of good pain meds like oxycontin or fentanyl for that emergency when someone gets a real traumatic injury and you need to take the edge off quickly and effectively, but no way for a legitimate person to get those. Best you can do is get a second week of vicodin from your doctor after a sprained ankle when its really tolerable after 1 week.

    Yes, I have a lot of experience with the mentally ill and Selco is right, they have a lot of other skills, are smart, funny, and devoted to causes. You just need to know what buttons not to push so they can integrate with your groups. In fact if you look at whose surviving in their own collapse scenario today its the homeless on the streets in major cities. Most of them are mentally ill. If our world collapsed tomorrow, they may not see much change, depending on how they are sustaining themselves currently. Good luck to all prepping, open your hearts and skills to all that deserve it.

  26. Compressed tablets are usually good for 5 years after expired date but injectables/biologicals only good for expired date. No idea how long capsule is good for.

  27. I have a child with an autoimmune disease with a 90% mortality rate within 10 years (more than half of that within the first 5) when not being treated. I’m so glad to read that the pills, at least, will last for quite some time. But how do you even go about getting a 5 year (or even more than 1 month) supply of control substances like that BEFORE shtf and you can attempt to grab things up from an abandoned pharmacy?

  28. I also suffer from thyroid issues and my doctor gives me a 3 month supply (so maybe talk to your doctor about getting more than a 30 day supply.) You can hold back a few every month…also I have to get my dosage changed regularly and have to get a whole new prescription ( therefor I have a whole bunch of pills left over from my previous prescription and anything is better than nothing) you might also be able to tell your doctor that you lost your medication and need a refill. Although regardless of if you are able to stock up on your medication eventually you ar bound to run out so you will have to come to terms with that and just try to pass on all of the knowledge you have that could help the people you are with (yes kind of gloomy but not everything will turn out the way we hope especially in a shtf situation.)

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