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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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As a continuation from my previous article, here are some thoughts about things that you CAN expect when SHTF. One more reason for writing this is in response to fact that people say that I write a lot about what is NOT gonna be like when SHTF. So here are some points to balance that.

These are my observations from my surroundings here, but I also see and hear this type of thing happening in many places. The clearest example right now is the ‘protestors’ taking to the streets after the recent US election…

 “Our generation is better prepared for a zombie apocalypse than an hour without electricity”

I know that every generation looks at the youngsters that come after them as being ‘weaker’ and  ‘softer’ than themselves, so a 90 year old man with lots of real life experience may look at me like I am some kind of wimp, because my childhood was spent with pinball, video games on Commodore computer and Rambo movies on VCR, while he maybe was growing up without electricity, without TV , playing with sticks etc.

I may find myself in similar loop, because I was in the middle of the war searching for shelter and food when I was young man, while young men today find themselves in the middle of reasons for living in rare and beautiful places ‘avoiding’ wireless connections, and searching for best selfie shot…

Here in my region for last few months, elections were completed. I believe , when confrontation between parties and candidates gets more heated terminology and stories get less logical but more hard and provoking. (And this is almost the same everywhere I feel)

Suddenly there is more talk about how a candidate looks, or about their sex life or similar, instead of discussion about their political agenda, solutions for destroyed economy, or how to stop young folks from emigrating from this crazy region.

Here that means that hate and anger being used political campaign at all sides, which brings old war stories back and stories about new war.

And of course there are whole bunch of young folks who do not have clue about what war looks like, but they like the “drums call to war”, stories about patriotism, sacrifices for the “tribe”.

In short-there are lot of young folks who see possible war as a something romantic, something “high” and noble.

There was lot of same young folks just before my SHTF time, clueless folks who do not know too much about violence and what that brings… I was one of them.

I lost all illusions from my youth pretty fast when people start  to die around me, so words like noble, honor, death and life , friendship gets new meaning or you discover their real meaning.

Point of all above is that today when SHTF it is going to be quite different then 25 years ago, because things changed, even here where time goes kinda slower.

Let s check few things about young folks today, with possibility that I my sound like “grumpy old man” which I am not, at least I am not old 😉


How things work, or differences between generations

70 years before

My grandparents grew up in home without electricity, in rural settings. They owned cattle, sheep, and chicken. They grew all their food, they grown their own tobacco.

Trip to doctor was not so often a thing, from few reasons: they were healthier, they did not seek medical attention for every nonsense, they had they own herbal medicines, and yes physician was pretty far and pretty luxurious item.

They had weapons, because weapons were part of their everyday life. They hunted.

When WW2 started my ancestor was in resistance movement “in the woods”.

His stories years later were like fairy stories to me, stories about endless walking  and fighting trough the encirclement’s of German forces. Stories about bayonet fighting because of no ammo.

Freezing in the deep snow in the woods because they could not start fire, and how they cut off black frozen fingers with knives, how enemy did not take prisoners…

He suffered PTSD until the day he died, he become heavy drinker. He survived WW2 but I think he kept most interesting and most horrified stories about survival to himself.

He kept hidden (in the ground) a German machine gun for 40 years after the War ended, and had an illegal German Luger pistol on him until he died, even though that was highly “punishable” by the system in that time.

He did not hate Germans, but also did not want to watch German movies, or hear German language anymore.

30 years before

When I was kid, maybe 7-8 years old, my father started to take me to fishing. Nothing big, simple small fish catching. We did not even (in our home) either need that fish or like it too much to eat, but on  Sundays we would catch few fishes, clean it. cook it and eat it.

My father was not even a passionate fisherman, it was more like simple hanging out time with him, he did not know too much about fishing, and I did not learn too much about fishing methods, types of hooks, baits, knots etc.

But what I learned is that there is fish there, it is easy, more or less to catch it in a very simply way. It can be cleaned, cooked and eaten.

Some of the procedures may not looked nice for a kid, but it was kind of learning how things work in nature and life. There is fish there, and you can catch it, kill it and eat it.

And that’s it.

Nothing too deep in it.

Through my growing up, I learned how to make bread, basics about cooking, fixing things and similar, small first aid things, school system was organized in a way that in primary school we had classes about “civil defense” or basics about defense from the invading force (socialistic system was organized on a way that in case of invasion on the country doctrine of “total war” was supposed to be implemented, so every civilian should become fighter, or similar).

Obligatory army basics was for every grown up male, usually lasting around one year. You were soldier for one year, or “grunt”, and in the military reserves for the rest of your life.

As a result of growing up on that way, I had at least some kind of clue what is going on when SHTF, I mean I know some things. Still I found myself completely overwhelmed with everything that was happening around me: killing, suffering, shootings, violence…


When I sit at the local coffee shop these days, I can see this new generation around me. Generation that is loudest and main candidate actually when it comes to be sheep, or cattle, or cannon fodder(?) if you like.

They main preoccupation is to have a cool type of beard, or to be in the “niche”. Popular is to be in animal rights movement, not because they care about animals, but because it is popular.

The main task of the year is to know what kind of underwear is on their favorite star from the local reality show, which, by the way you do not know is it man or woman, because it is cool like that, it brings ‘mystery’.

For last almost 20 years, serving of mandatory military service stopped, both because of costs and probably as a way to try to “pacifize” our society. To have(own) personal weapon is task that will take you about a year of endless paperwork and checking from the state. The system, in short,  does not want you to own a weapon.

This young generation is screwed when SHTF and we are too, with them.

Great majority of them do not have a clue what is hunting, if you take them fishing they may feel like they are finding and killing Nemo probably. Making sandwich is probably most complicated food preparing procedure they know and so on and so on.

They may think that things like electricity and city services work by some kind of miracle from the thin air, as opposed to a complicated, technical system, which is very fragile.

Their knowledge about possible SHTFs and collapses are learned not from real life stories or experiences, but from the Walking dead TV shows.

If a Zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow they would be crushed just with the absence of wireless connection…

What is all about?

We are been taught (or we think) that progress is endless. That world is going into the directions where violence, diseases, wars, are going to be a matter of history and left to the ‘dark ages’.

At first glance it makes perfect sense that my grandparent knew what kind of tree bark to eat while he was starving in freezing cold in WW2, and later had illegal weapon for ‘just in case’ until the day he died. While on the other end of the story we have young folks who are completely not capable to survive anything without the help of the system.

New ages are coming, age of science and great achievements in every field.

Blah blah.

We are actually living in bubble that is over inflated, and being poked more and more with things like terrorism, economic depression, big migrations, new Cold war, new types of diseases etc.

One day pretty soon that bubble is going to burst and then this new generation will have two choices: either to die in huge numbers, or to look for the resources in a way that looks the ‘most easy’ to them, and that is actually by taking it from another.

And that is actually the real zombie apocalypse! This large number of desperate folks who will ‘swarm’ to and demand the resources of anyone that has the things they ‘need’. We here in the school are always saying, one of the big problems with Urban Survival is the ‘presence of people’. It is very important folks study the types of people they are going to come across in any challenging times ahead…

These are some of my observations on our current generations. As always we love to hear from you all in the comments on your views and experiences. Please do get involved in the discussion below!


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28 Responses

  1. Very informative….i HAVE BEEN HAVING/DISCUSSING this subject for a few years now too.
    Yuppy/Urban Trash Will be dead or zombie cannibals with in days of major SHTF…
    The first 45 days will be hunker down time to let nature cull trash..

  2. Unfortunately everything you’re saying is true children today just do not have it in them I have 2 kids and I’m worried sick it’s a time for all Patriots to Stand and Deliver

  3. “Urban Survival”

    I just do not understand how that could possibly work. This time everything will be different. The Collapse will not be isolated or merely regional; the entire industrial human society is dying. There will be no bits of resources smuggled in. All resources will be depleted to ZERO and the only food in an urban setting will soon be two-legged.

    I am out here living among a population density of about 1 person/2500 ha and I still do not feel a bit safe from the possible threat of evil people.

    Anyway, that’s how I view the world these days. Your mileage will surely vary.
    Stay well and May You Be Among The Survivors [MYBOTS]


  4. I’m off topic here but I would like to ask a question and I think Selco might see it here. I am a long time member and long time prepper and live in New Zealand, so my situation is very different to most. WE just had a big earthquake down here and that is perhaps my biggest risk for SHTF as you instantly go from “normal” to no water , no power, no sewer and no roads. Maybe no house. It was not close to me, but I know people who live in the zone.
    Over the years I have collected much stuff for self sufficiency/survival.. Tools, etc as Selco suggests I live on my bug out location, a small farm, so I have lots of storage space. My question to Selco is ..Is it ever time to stop preparing? I have become such a collector of “survival tools” that I can’t resist a bargain when I see it. In my town we have charity stores and recycling centers where people give away their “old stuff”. Tho I have enough I cannot resist buying more when I see stuff so cheap. Things like good boots ( leather and worn but usable or reparable), good winter clothes like jackets, warm sweat shirts in polarfleece, and mountain bikes. I can buy very servicable mountain bikes for $10-20 depending on conditoion. Maybe a flat tyre, or damaged seat. 10minutes of repair work and I can be riding one…21 speed gears and hydraulic forks. The really modern bikes, like new cars are so Hi Tec that you virtually cannot repair them yourself..a good reason why old stuff is better if tSHTF Some of the old Primus cooking stoves, Coleman and Tilley pressure lamps have become collectable.. so I could sell them for a profit when fixed up… but I just keep them for now as I don’t need the money. I am talking about few dollars.. which I can easily afford… but my children think I am a crazy “hoarder” like you see on TV. A house so full of junk that you can’t move.
    I keep thinking that at some time .. nothing will be available…what you have on hand will be it. Of course extra stuff can be traded or given to friends and family. But after many years…I have sheds full of stuff.
    But I can’t help myself when I see a lined North Face jacket for $5, or a polar fleece jacket for 50c because it has a small hole on the sleeve. People say that those who went thru the depression and WW2 are like this.
    Do I have a problem??? :-). Certainly the “snowflake” generation would think I do….

    1. No David, I do not think you have problem. Actually most of us I think doing similar more or less.
      As long as you cover important things I do not see any problem in keep doing prepping. Anyway what today look like “hoarder” may look tomorrow like very very smart man.

      Also from what you say it looks like you are doing well because you fix old stuff too, and that is great, for that stuff that become usable again but also because your skills.
      So no, you do not have problem.

  5. Hello David.

    I am right behind you.

    I live in the Eastern part of the US. About 100 miles east from the capitol city. Since I moved into that country 20 years ago I always lived in a city-type environments, but it did not stop me from hoarding stuff. In my case, it is mostly computer-related.
    Finally, a year ago I built a house the way I wanted in a place I wanted. High on a side of a hill surrounded by woods. No HOAs, thanks God. So, I do have a large sea shipping container to house my stuff that sits on the property and the back side of the basement is also filled with stockpiles.

    I think it is in the genes. My motivation (before I started prepping) was not conscious. I just hated to waste stuff that is perfectly operational or easily serviceable. Now, I am double motivated. I will have to feed and protect my family when SHTF. The problem is, I have yet to find more people among my friends, who sees that the hard times are coming (except one, maybe)…


  6. A co-worker hit nail on head you might say. He said,”Common sense is so rare it should be a super power”. I agree. My girlfriend’s 21 year old daughter lives with us. I left a couple of gasoline cans in garage. They leaked. The daughter was in basement rec room and smelled gasoline. What did she do? Lighted scented candle to be rid of smell. I’m not joking. She did this.
    Many young people today can program computer, but can’t change a tire on car. I was showing my car at a show once, and a young teenage boy, asked what the window cranks were. Others thought my 8-track tapes were for videos. I was at a “zombie apocalypse” event a few years ago, showing my Land Rover and what I had done to prepare it for expedition camping. I got many compliments, but as I talked with people, I realized many thought you just need a gun and you will be safe. They didn’t know how to wash out of bucket, filter water, or that you can use the bathtub to store water in emergency. They thought they HAD to buy expensive freeze dry foods, rather than dry food in bulk (rice, beans).
    I believe we have bought time by electing Donald Trump, but that may be all. Empires go down with wimper, not a bang. It will be a bad recession, followed by inflation as prices for basic things goes up. As prices rise, people hold on to their money, making it worse. As the slide continues, our military will stretch thin, making it hard to bring resources in from overseas. One resource that will make it will be terrorism. When the inevitable occurs, it will be the tipping point into the final slide.
    I’m just hoping I can hold my ground.

    1. “Common sense is so rare it should be a super power”
      Very good. What I always say in courses to the folks is “use common sense and you ll see correct solution”, there is no hidden truth, just common sense. Problem is that modern way of living and lack of experience took common sense out from most of the people, and yes at the end it looks like super power because of that, it is rare and very precious.

      Thanks TK556!

  7. My reply to Slava: You point out the ultimate dilemma; That is the fact a family of 2 to 4 cannot defend their home. There are not enough bodies to complete the required tasks. Even preparing requires a lot of WORK. When the stuff hits the fan we need to already have basic or better defenses IN PLACE. And then ongoing fortification to meet the situation. A PLAN when it hits. ALL of the tools that MAY be needed. It can only be a guess. There is no crystal ball. An individual family probably cannot provide all the skills needed. Medical, food prep, hygiene, sentry, repairs from guns to stoves, etc., hunting, growing, communications and a lot more.

    So, the need for a larger group! Well, how the hell is that done? If there were a lot of preppers/survivalists there are way to few that have established “community”. What is community? The communication, cooperation, organization of trusted, like-minded survivalists. PROBLEM… do these people find each other and minimize the risk of taking in a bad apple? If you are too cautious you will find no one. This is the biggest problem and it IS putting the horse in front of the cart.

    In the last 5 years I have talked to dozens of preppers. We talk about the whole survival situation. A little talk about the preps, but no invitation or willingness to come together for a common defense. I have met one woman who is a nurse (great skills), who has been prepping for about 5 years also. She is rural, but works in the city. She needs more than herself to make her home defensible. She and a friend of mine, and myself are trying to create a plan for mutual survival. That is still not enough to run a home defense. And, that does not mean I prefer a ‘bud out” alternative. How… find those trustable, serious survivalists who want to and need to create “community”.

  8. After a series of jobs, ski slopes, car rentals, sales, Army Infantry (11C), I taught public high school for 25 years in an eastern U.S. city of 79,000 souls. The “children” have no purpose in life and no way to adulthood. I blame my generation for this . We removed trial by fire and substituted helicopter parents and safe zones. They live with their parents indefinitely and do not need to seek employment. They have no way to view reality except through the social media. They will perish first unless they are taken in by some gang and used for slave labor/sex. All the survival skills they need will die with the older generation. I hope my prediction is dead wrong but my observation/experiences say I am not.

  9. I am one of the “older” generation, grew up hunting, repairing things, “hording”; a jack of all trades. I taught my children practical skills so they might have a chance.

    The younger generations, my grandchildren included, don’t have a clue. They are buried in their smart electronics and ignore the real world. They have no survival skills and no desire to learn. The only thing they know comes from social media, TV shows and movies and government schools; all controlled by the left.

    When over 45% of voters cast their ballots for an out and out communist my take is America is doomed. The left controls education from kindergarten through university, turning out the special snowflakes who favor socialism. With that situation what is going to make a big enough change fast enough to turn the country around?

    When, not if, things collapse, and it makes no difference the cause, very few people have the knowledge, resources and will to survive in the long term. I expect it will bring a major societal breakdown, the closer you get to major metropolitan areas the worse. Mass starvation, mass murders, war lords….

    Be Prepared!

  10. Hey brother, thanks for all that you do!
    I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago, and found with all of the ‘prepper blogs’, I find yours one of the most important of all of them as you speak from real life experience, versus the vast majority who only speak on theory.
    I am 60 years old now, and certainly aren’t the bull I used to be, but literally have been preparing for hard times all of my life.
    I grew up in New Jersey USA, the most densely populated state in this country. I lived in the inner cities and suburbs, but started fishing, and roaming the woods, since my earliest memories. By the time I was 5, I was carrying a pocket knife, a slingshot, and a year later was shooting bow and arrows, bb guns, etc. I learned how to hunt and shoot, trap and fish, camp in the dead cold and snow of winter, and raised my children exactly the same, including my one daughter, and four sons. And I taught them how to defend themselves since they could stand on their own two feet.
    I was always interested in ‘being prepared’, although no one in my family was like that, certainly not my parents, who never owned guns, or shot one, or hunted, or fished, or camped. Others taught me, and I searched them out. I started studying hand to hand and martial arts from former special forces soldiers that came back from Vietnam. Not ‘karate class’ type of instructions, all one on one, weapons, edged in particular, and real world hand to hand and studied for 25 years like that, mostly from military hand to hand ex military combat experienced instructors. And that served me well in the inner cities.
    I finally am living my life long dream of living in the country, and have 40 acres in the most northern New England state here, very rural.
    I’ve always had plenty of guns, ammo, parts, magazines, etc. for the coming hard times that IS coming. Ironically it seems that the majority of preppers, have this illusion of by owning a gun, they’ll be able to shoot their food if the SHTF. That’s laughable, as they don’t know the woods, have no knowledge of the sign to look for for the game they want, have no clue how to gut, skin, and butcher a deer or any animal, or fish for that matter.
    But you are correct talking about the obviously sensitive youngest generation, who like you said, the biggest tragedies in their lives are that they’ve lost WIFI service, or that their socialist candidate didn’t get elected! Imagine one of them reaching into the chest cavity of a deer to cut out the lungs and heart, where most haven’t got a clue how to even sharpen a knife!
    I agree with your analogy of this generation becoming the ‘zombie apocalypse’ as I’ve always seen it this way myself, ones who couldn’t provide anything for themselves, and they, along with the rest of the brainwashed sheep, will be the first to go. Mother Nature has always practiced Eugenics, the strong live and the weak die, as it has always been.
    One of your first blogs I read was about the importance of barter items, like disposable lighters, and I just got 50 last week. Everyone can debate all the barter items to have, but you cannot have everything, and things like water, food, protected land, heat source, are the most important of all. I’ve spent three years now since moving to Maine preparing my gardens, chicken coop, massive orchards, tons of berry plants, 6 different types of nut trees, sugar maples, and have huge medicinal herbal gardens, and learn something new everyday. I’ve learned substantial amounts of information about natural, medicinal ‘weeds’ that grow everywhere, and have incorporated them into making tinctures like elderberry, different uses of flowers, roots, etc., natural medicines using alcohol and honey, and have made local food contacts for meats, and other necessary food items like honey and maple syrup, which are two natural sweeteners, with numerous uses.
    The vast majority of people have no knowledge of these things, really have no understanding of basic nutrition, or healthy eating, and little knowledge of medicinal plants.
    I now live at least 300 miles from the major urban city of Boston, and doubt any of them will make it this far north, where it gets to minus 28 F (-35C) in winter with -45 wind chill factors, 3 to 4 meters of blowing snow on the ground, and it’s harsh! They’ll head south, the ones with the ability to try, but I’m ready for anything. And have the clothes and boots to survive in those conditions, and have learned survival skills since I was little.
    I have a decent understanding of basic chemistry, which is also important, and few know what can be created from common household items like cleaning products, like incendiaries, explosives, and toxic gases. You never know when such knowledge might come in handy, and have a massive library of real books to refer to.
    The bottom line is most of society is totally unprepared if the life they are living were to come crashing down into chaos, and worse, foolishly, expect that their ‘great father government’ will take care of them, but they won’t.
    I worked as a Tool and Die maker since I was a teenager, and know metal working like few others. Most know nothing about steel, and foolishly buy stainless steel knives instead of high carbon. Few know how to sharpen knives, axes, or any cutting instrument, and fewer know how to start a fire without a match.
    I suppose I’ve always sought knowledge, and continue every day. The fools think they’ll just ‘Google It’ if they don’t know how to do something lol. The time to acquire knowledge is now, and when it is truly needed, it’ll be to late. None of us can really prepare for everything, not having lived in a collapse, but I do believe time is running out. Me and my wife will be a lot better off than most.
    My best

    1. Thank you Chuck!
      It is truth that majority of folks (and not only young) do not have clue how things works, how things get done, not even simple things that we consider as a common sense to know.
      That is the difference between us and them.
      Stay prepared!

  11. To day the younger generations are cough up with getting things, money and most want to be famous. We have been asking some of them what matters and it is money,things & fame

    They think everyone owes them something, usually material objects, and they get easy upset when they do not get their own way and pull a temper tantrum. The have little moral values and life is not precious to them, except their own. When SHTF hits most will ether sit down and just die, statistics prove this out , or they become evil predators, taking & killing to get their own way. They are the true products of government schools, 501( C 3 ) churches and parents who don’t take the time to raise them with moral values, which most parent also don’t have either.

    The real culprit in America is the dead pulpits, preaching a new age doctrine of material things over Godly moral values, ever increasing social issues without God’s biblical principles being preach, tought or enforced as Jesus Christ directed. We truly live in the last age of the Laodiceans where the church is Luke warm and about to be spit out of God’s mouth. Only the Philadelphia reanimate church makes it through to the return of Christ. The call today for all of us is to repent, as a nation , as a backslidden church and our failing families.

    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Richard C Wilmot, BRR
    Black Robe Regiment

  12. Survival is a science. Its proper name is ethics. Ethics has nothing to do with morals or emotions or goodness. Ethics is cold, to the bone.

    The first rule of ethics is that you must survive. If you survive then your family/close group has a better chance. This yields a better chance for your extended family/group. And so on.

    In shtf the predators will shed all veneer of goodness, except what it takes to fool you. They will present an opportunity for you to avoid “sin”. When you do they are in. If you are lucky you die when you open the door to help that poor child whom they put on your porch. If you are not lucky you get to watch your family or friends get raped and butchered. There are infinite variations, but the end is the same. You chose not to survive and others paid the price for your failure.

    Those who have not entered performance contracts with gods or devils will be more likely to make it through the hardest times. They will be able to see clearly what must be done to survive and more able to dismiss any false charges laid against themselves. The definition of righteousness is the ability to cleanse one’s self of false charges. (Strong’s concordance)


  13. IMO, the millennial generation of entitlement seekers are doomed to be lambs to the slaughter. I concur with Selco’s assessment of the contemporaries via his real life and death encounters/ experiences. This may be a series of blanket statements, but here goes…
    What I see on a day to day basis are young people who’ve no comprehension of the real world (cruelty, tragedy, death, etc.). They only appear to see their version of their world through their eyes and appear to be incapable of seeing the truth. They have never truly suffered and continually seek comfort in all facets of life. I believe when they are faced with absolute moral terror, they will just whimper, cower, & plead for their lives. They appear to be a generation of selfish and feckless people who’ve been raised by weak parents who want to give them everything they never had. It seems as if they are being dumbed down and pampered by the system to be more easily managed or controlled. I’m not pessimistic, just realistic. They’ve zero situational awareness, zero fortitude, and a very slim chance of survivability. When SHTF, they’re going to have to most chilling wake up call of their lives.

  14. Truly excellent analysis!

    Every educator that is seeing this problem, this lack of basic survival education in the young generation, has the moral obligation to correct the problem. No matter that this means teaching gardening, hunting, fixing things, camping, trekking or similar. Maybe is better to not say anything like “survival skills”, just to teach. Every effort counts, because it will definitely save lives.


  15. I am roughly your age, and live in the poorest state in the USA. I, too, have noticed how weak and unprepared the younger folks are.

    The people in my area who were your grandfathers age were very tough and also fought in WW2. They grew their own food, and were very independent. The only control they generally had exerted upon them was from the church which taught them to be followers – yet very strong, independent people.

    Many of them told me that TV caused the downfall of the independent way of life. Folks wanted to imitate the witty, clever, and beautiful folks they saw on TV. So, they did their best to do so. Over the years, these TV characters became more and more weak and the males began acting like females. … and so did the people watching them. As a result, the younger folks in my state generally idolize the same things those in your country do. Pitiful…. My Redneck ancestors are likely “rolling in their graves” as is, most certainly, the inspirational Comrade Tito and his Partisans….

    I was lucky enough to hang around lots of WW2 veterans and still do. They taught me a lot. ….. It’s too bad that generation is mostly in nursing homes or deceased at this time.

    Thanks for the interesting read. I wish you the best in the upcoming SHTF.

    *I am a great fan of your country’s M70 rifles and excellent M67 ammunition, btw.*

  16. Selco, your site is a real treasure. I subscribe to several “prepper” sites,and often learn new things about food storage, preservation, solar power and alternative ways to use battery power, but all are based upon theory and supposition. Just the other day,one of the sites set up a dangerous hypothetical scenario for the subscribers to find a solution. Basically, it was a situation in which BLM rioters were walking down your street holding molotov cocktails with the intention of killing, burning, looting and killing. There would be no chance of rescue by law enforcement presumably due to probable widespread rioting and fires.Some subscribers, admitting they didn’t own or feel confident with firearms, would bug out–with no clear idea of where they’d go or what they’d do when they got there. In a way, in such a desperate situation,that might be a reasonable short-term solution. Not what I would want to do. Others–quite a few,in fact–recommended shooting molotov cocktails out of the hands of the rioters. Others recommended shooting the kneecaps of the rioters.Some who suggested these strategies claimed to have served in the military.Several were openly critical of anyone who suggested shooting the rioters in their center body mass,while they were still blocks away. Some out of concern for the sanctity of human life,others out of fear that one day the cops would show up and arrest them for murder. Hopefully, some of those people will discover THIS site before it’s too late…

  17. If you want to see the future amid a SHTF scenario, look at the way many young people behave today, then amplify it by 1000. They will race each other down a crowded freeway at 100mph and endanger families without a thought.Stealing for many is simply providing themselves with that which they want but do not wish to work for. There is no moral compunction that they take it from someone who has worked to achieve it.

    Responsibility shifting is another way. If you want a family, fine. Pay for it yourself, don’t go to the county hospital to have your kids then send me the bill in the way of higher taxes. How about you learn how to read and make change for starters? I have ordered a sandwich at fast food places, get the order wrong and look on the receipt and the order was entered correctly. The morons in the back simply couldn’t be bothered to read it and let the directions sink in.

    There are some amazing young people too, super bright and hard working with great social skills. They are the ones that are going to stick out like a sore thumb to the losers of the younger generation. I predict they will be the generational Uncle Toms that blacks have shunned for being too successful in the White Man’s World. You will see a lot of resentment of smart, hard working millennials from young people who can’t count to 20 unless their shoes are off.

    All in all, I think the younger generation is at a decided disadvantage in a survival situation compared to older folks. The best position to be in is young, healthy and not like most of your peer group.

  18. A guy at work told me he has supplies, in the event of collapse, but knowing him, I am certain he has no real skills to survive. I thanked him for the info, and told him that when the SHTF I would come to his house, step over his body and gather up anything he has there I can use.

  19. If you don’t already know, “Zombie Apocalypse” is a nice way of saying “I’m preparing for stupid people like you trying to take away stuff from people like me” without scaring the sheep into thinking you’re nothing more than a niche sheep, yourself.

  20. I work at a nursing home and the people I work with are absolutely pitiful everyone is freaking out because they are calling for bad weather. What will they do in the event of a real shtf situation? I was raised to be prepared for anything and I am Only 29. I think it all depends on how you are raised, young people today really dont have any common sense.

  21. Delco,

    I love your site for the real world experience you present.

    I agree with everyone here that the coming generation is generally very soft. City folk with no running water or electricity turn into a murdering free for all. We saw that in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina.

    Personally, I grew up in a large city but choose to live further and further away from people and “services”. Today, my little homestead with chickens and goats is heaven. Being a few miles from city services, I’ve made adjustments to occasional outages and inability to drive for up to a week at a time. I haven’t been exposed to true hardship but did test myself a little when a storm took out the electricity for 6 days. No running water, no refrigerator and no A/C or even a fan during a heat wave of 100 humid degrees. Rather than go to a hotel, I slept in the living room with the doors wide open for air with a gun positioned within easy reach. It was a learning experience for sure but I knew it would end soon. Living that way for the foreseeable future is quite another story.

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