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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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In today’s world it is easy to get fooled and think that all media is there for us, to help us, to keep us updated, to make life easier or whatever.

Some 20 years ago, I was lying in improvised shelter on side of the street, behind big iron garbage truck that was rolled over and full of holes. I waited for dark so I can move on.

I was not alone, me and my friend shared that small piece of cover from open view and snipers with three guys. I know one of them from before, but that did not actually meant anything.

When shooting started we all jumped there almost at the same time. After few minutes we agreed that we gonna share it until the night.

Some half hour later one of them pull out from his bag small fm radio, kinda that we called “pensioner radio”, for walking and listening sports events in normal world.

Actually it looked like he pulled from his bag some brown package and on it was radio taped. That brown package was some kind of homemade battery pack, made I guess from different batteries, 2 times bigger than radio.

Anyway it was important thing in that time.

We all looked at that “machine” like bunch of cavemen would. It was ticket to get more information, real information, not just rumors and reports of crazy killings, that was our hope.

He turned that on, and all that he could find was radio station in other country, pretty close by distance, but light years away at same time. We were listening to some music very quietly, then news came.

We were listening how speaker talked about events in our region, he was something like: “and battles continued …” and that was it.

After that there were long talks about some songs contest, and some dude was interviewed. He talked about his terrible problems in finding correct clothes for movie scene, then about his stage fright… And then radio stops to work.

Big dude who owns it says comically “screw it, it looks like batteries needs some break.”

Rest of us were quiet. But I am sure that we were thinking pretty much same. Here we are, couple of guys in rags, one has some kind of uniform made from 3-4 different uniforms, some have weapon, one has kind of fishing hat on his head, like in some parody.

One guy chewed something, I do not think it was food, he just chewed it for too long. Like he was trying to chew piece of shoe.

Other had two different snickers on his legs, probably result of looting some mall in starting days. Probably all of us together in last 24 hours had like one meal shared among us.

We all hiding behind destroyed dumpster truck, waiting for the night, while some other dude on other side waiting for our heads to come up so he can shoot us. He probably was hungry and weird looking like we are.

And at same time few hours driving distance from there, main problems were how some probably funny looking guy is afraid to go to movie scene, and end of the world problems about choosing correct clothes for that same scene and musical performance.

I had moment much more dangerous before and after that event, but somehow in that moment, I emotionally touched the bottom.

Simply nobody cares for us, we were no news anymore. Left alone. “Battle continues…”

Few months before that same media were screaming about “problems in regions, fear of people getting armed, we need to defend, we need to fight, freedom does not have price, we will prevail, democratic changes, we have the right…”

Leaders from all sides were frantically announcing new age of democracy while in background they prepared to flee. Media helps folks to form opinions, to do things, to start things to happen. And then when all is set in motion you are simply not news anymore.

Same radio host screamed about need “to protect our rights” and “do not fear”. Then same guy told us that it is impossible that war happens because “we have leaders that will find solution” while at same time leaders were leaving area, or piling stuff for tomorrows black market.

We figured later that same leaders own the media actually.

Then when S. hit the fan, pretty soon when every day becomes same in meaning that every day is killing, starving, violence etc. It is not news anymore. Media just covers exciting stuff, because its their business. This is same for all media, also media that keeps saying collapse happens tomorrow and then the week later and then month later.

Mainstream media says everything is good, politicians take care of you and some alternative media keeps promoting news that everything is bad, collapse happens even before it happens. They also need to keep people interested. They all play news theater to keep people interested.

The lesson I learned is dont trust and care about any media much. Be prepared but not scared whole time that collapse happens tomorrow. That is why you are prepared, no need to worry too much. Just monitor events but forget about “opinion pieces”. Look at history of reporter if you plan to trust someone. He uncovered “big scandal” already 3 times but it was only big scandal for him? Forget about him, he or his media company just wants attention or save your time and realize most reporter wants big story and attention and just a few want to really inform people.

Few days ago I was checking one internet page about “world events by years”. I checked the year that I was writing about here, and there were many “important events” in that year.

I found two events very loosely linked to my region, out of the many. One was about some politic demonstration, other was about some agreement. Both of them were in my wider region, but not even close to my city.

Nothing about people in rags fighting for their lives, eating grass boiled in water, catching rain, drinking mud sometimes.

Media showed us in a way. Then media forgot us, we were not usable anymore, we simply did not exist. I understand that, same guys still fighting in same city and so on. It is just important that news show what is new and not really what is going on.

For years I very rarely watched TV, or listened to radio. Not following famous shows, my opinions are not formed by actors, singers, sport stars, or idiots who are famous for one season.

If I find something specific that I want to check I will check it, but I do not want to be pulled in media grinding machine of opinion forming. I read different news articles from different networks and try to find people on twitter who are on the ground of event.

As survivalist and prepper you need most accurate information to make decisions and that is why knowing what is really going on in neighborhood or city is often more important than some shooting of single guy hundreds of miles away. But media always needs drama and presents it in way that its interesting for most people.

Every time when I hear somewhere on radio or TV “shocking news” or “battle started” I imagine few guys in few months laying somewhere in dirt, while nobody cares for them because there is a new star with huge butt, and everyone knows her, in biggest city or in smallest village, even somewhere where electric energy is still new thing. Keep the stupid masses entertained.

Point of everything again is that when SHTF you are alone with what you have prepared and learned. Do not expect media to paint real picture of situation. They are there for news. After initial news and maybe even help from outside because your area is in spotlight you are left alone. Don’t be surprised when you are forgotten.

That’s why we learn to take care of ourselves.

Survial Bootcamp

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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  1. “Leaders from all sides were frantically announcing new age of democracy while in background they prepared to flee.”

    If anyone is interested in a early indicator when to bug out…. it’s this one. If you see “leaders” really talking things up, you need to assume it is the opposite and act accordingly.

  2. Selco,

    I have read many dozens of your postings here and elsewhere.
    They are very insightful and I have recommended them to thousands.
    You have had a terrible experience far beyond anything that I have had –
    or ever want to experience.

    Unfortunately, your experience reflects that of
    many hundreds of millions of people on this planet
    that have not lived to tell about it.
    The Holocaust,
    the purges in Russia, China and Poland,
    The genocides throughout Africa.
    The invasions in history of the Mongol Hordes and the Crusaders.
    The colonialism of the South America.
    The elimination of the American Indians.
    It just goes on and on.
    It is the history of man.

    It was all caused by selfishness and greed.
    And yes, it continues.
    To have been immersed in it can’t help but to have affected one.
    But there is an alternative outlook on life.
    Indeed, we may all, because of the current situation,
    have to go through what you have experienced –
    but it is possible to do so with a different purpose in mind.

    Those with my view may end up as dead –
    but then we all do eventually.
    Life and purpose is not about just surviving in this life.
    You personally struggle about these ideals – I can tell.
    But you never discuss about looking beyond the problem –
    and correcting it.

    Admittedly – that is NOT your message –
    and I won’t criticize you for staying on message.

    Peace and love,

  3. Thanks for the perspective on the value of media. The story of your group stuck hiding for cover until dark, tuning into a radio and hearing celebrity gossip, touched my heart. I feel that media ownership in general is far too concentrated, and the media manufactures arguments on unimportant topics. The talking heads who argue for public consumption, are just giving each other high-fives behind the curtain.

    I am amazed at how many people believe the media is good, is open and important in investigating issues important to the people. What really disgusts me the most is the fact that for years the 9/11 story has been exposed as a lie, yet the tv, radio and print media will NOT ever mention even the most obvious evidence (WTC7 and the thousands of licensed architects who have proven that the building was brought down via explosives). If 9/11 has to change our lives to such a big extent then why is the media silent on the fact that the official story is full of lies? This is very telling.

    1. INTERESTING–and just where did you confirm the story about the building being brought down with explosives? What about those fuel loaded airplanes that brought them down–those weren’t made up.

      1. aah! WTC7 was not hit by a plane. look up 911truths on you tube. That building did have some gold stored in it . gone before it went down.

        1. Building 7 was irreparably damaged by the collapse of the towers that morning. Look st video from all angles and you’ll see huge impacts.
          You 9-11 Truthers are sleaze bags.

          1. Will you please enlighten us which videos ?
            There isnt many videos out there, being in NY and a tourist city , many TV channels with their cameras crews, copters ?

  4. The politics/poli-tricks of the of world affairs is what is expedient at the moment in time in history for whomever it pleases. Media is controlled by special interests and politics. You experienced it and such horrifying, genocidal situations continue today. I have often wondered if there are any truly well meaning men/leaders in the world today who can turn this whole madness off once and for all.

  5. I’ve made the argument for years that the “News Media” is nothing more than another branch of the Entertainment Industry. Most of what they call “investigative reporting” would be more truthfully labelled as “Instigative Reporting” as so often it is an attempt to manipulate the audience.
    For example, I was on Guam in 1975/76 when Super-Typhoon Pamela struck, winds of around 200mph, never knew the top speeds – the monitoring station is somewhere in the Marianas Trench. The eye passed directly across us, so after an hour or so of calm (the eye) the wind effectively changed direction when it resumed. Before the storm was even over we were hearing International reports (short-wave and from English-language Philippine radio stations) that Pamela had totally devastated the island, killing all but 14 occupants! I’m not sure ANYONE died from the storm! We had some coconut trees blow over, a couple cars left in the parking-lot got blown around, and a C5 aircraft that was grounded for maintenance got sucked out of its revetment and the airframe collapsed.
    Another example was in the wake of the Rodney King riots, when the MSM Breaking Story was “predicting” that sympathetic riots would break out at random locations across the US. Didn’t happen; next day’s Breaking Story was announcing the “anticipated locations;” still didn’t happen. On the third day, the Breaking Headlines” were the specific cities that “expected” rioting, and the TIME and LOCATION in those cities it was to occur; STILL didn’t happen, and the original (only!) riot was losing momentum, so they gave up and found something else to report on. I remember it so well because my job took me through some of those “troubled” areas frequently, and all hours, so I was watching/listening intently and armed myself more than usual “just in case.”
    In short (OK, too late for that!), the Media is worse than useless in even minor events, and deserving of disdain at best in any major event.
    They are simply entertainers.
    Chuck B.

    1. Good points, most of the media is not there to help simple guy,they do not care for simple guy. Forming public opinion is their job. Sometimes they do on such a smart way that we are actually grateful to them. There are still usable information there but it is real job to find them.

  6. I have read many books and articles on preparation for SHTF. Many good things in them but when it comes to real honest, “been there, done that” info and advice you cannot beat Selco!

    I do have a very interesting and revealing book, “Fry The Brain,” that makes me think of the horrors Selco and the many others endured.

    1. Richard Stone, is right! Micro Broadcasting is still the best and most cost effective way to get your voice out and bring real alternatives to the radio dial. A single micro broadcast transmitter, in the right location; can cover 20-50,000 with ease. Compare that; to internet radio stations, that might have a handful of listeners.

      Besides Radio Outlaw, Radio Brandy and Outlaw Radio’s Do It Yourself; have lots of helpful advice on setting up transmitter networks and equipment. http://www.radiobrandy.com http://www.outlawradio.us

  7. Remember – the only purpose of a broadcast is to keep the audience tuned in until the next set of commercials – even if they call the show “news”

  8. Selco, I appreciate all that you do & have done for us all. Your unique perspective on real world survival is invaluable. I know I’ll be thinking of your advice before & after the SHTF here in USAcorp. Godspeed!

  9. Thanks to Richard Stone for his link on MB. Thanks to wibbys1 for the recommended reading. Good idea Selco on Twittering to get the real news. I never thought of that. I am going to try Syria and see what happens…

  10. If it is a real SHTF scenario then we can be assured of two things. The first is that it will last for a long time and the second is that information will be extremely important. As such radios would be important, but one has to be careful not to fall into the government propaganda trap. The way to avoid this would be to have a radio that has multiple bands so that one can access “underground” radio stations located in obscure places or “ham” radio operators.

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