The wave of refugees that runs over Europe

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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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There is huge crisis here in region because immigrant pouring here from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya… and newspapers and forums are full of headlines and topics about how politicians should approach the problem.

Common folks just like with all other real life changing events usually miss the point, and whole discussion is pointed on the views should „people help immigrants or see them as a potential threat“.

Real problem is actually much deeper, and again just like with all real problems (that can really cause S. To hit the fan) great majority of folks are caught up in empty discussions. Most of the time even only with people they agree with.

Yes or no to immigrants

There is nothing more primal than a hungry man, actually more primal is hungry man with child.

He does not care about laws, rules, EU directives, amenities in foreign country or anything similar.

He has simple tasks, to feed his kid, and himself, to have safety. Does he obey the rules? No, in most cases he will not. Who would just go into forest to die because it is not appropriate to cause problems for your neighbor.

Now consider the fact that immigrants are coming in numbers like 70 000, or 120 000 to countries where total population is around couple of million people.

Countries here in region have already problems for years to bring security to their own citizen, jobs, food, safety etc.

Whole society infrastructure is damaged for decades, and we do not need much to fall apart.

Now to get some things right here, I spend some time too being hungry and looking for the shelter, and everything inside me is telling me that from any point of view normal man need to help man who is hungry, who is running from war, who is trying to protect their kids.

It is about right and wrong, and about being normal human being.

But real problem is not the wish to help or not, it is about being overrun by the huge number of people who are different and might not fit into the society.

The problem is in fact that there is no control who is a real refugee and who just seeks opportunity to live off social benefits somewhere else.

No society can cope with those numbers, no matter how strong and organised it is.’=

It is a system problem that can not be fixed easily. Should we try to help those folks, who are hungry, scared, with bunch of the kids etc.

We can not do anything else, it is right thing to do, to feed the hungry, heal the sick.

Will they, or some of them change our world, bring chaos maybe? I think that they will, some refugees might just use this chaos to get to the places where they can cause harm.

Something big is unfolding here I think, and we still need to see how it will exactly end up.

Great societies were made from people who ran from their original countries to new countries, and mixed there into new societies, actually made whole new societies and nations, bringing their differences to create something new and united.

But possible problem here is having lot of people who are not really willing to „mix“ into new societies. Some people from some places have such different culture and mindset they see freedom and liberty as invitation to change world around them to whatever they enjoyed where they came from. If somebody wants to change my world, it is a problem.

Outside help for crisis?

Big words are spoken from EU leaders, all saying immigrants should be helped and taken care of, while at the same time lots of people care more for dead whales being washed onto some shores than dead immigrants.

It is all again same game of big politics and money, and common folks do not have chance to choose anything.

Richer EU countries will send big money and help to poorer countries where immigrants are coming from, in order to „help“. Most of this is made in effort to keep same immigrants away from their rich countries.

And of course that help and money will be used once more in poor countries, simply that local politicians and ex and future warlords can fortify their own positions, to gain more power, so that those countries stay combination of chaos and bribery.

Once again simple man is caught in big game of power that most of the folks do not even understand.

What can we learn from immigrants?

A lot.
They go over the long distance with almost anything, some of them have experienced violence, were beaten, robbed, imprisoned, and even tortured.
They do not have anything expect their own lives, and will to survive.

No fence can hold them, and no police can outsmart them. They eat what they find, they sleep where they can.
There are college professors among them, fire fighters, or simple housewives, but they are surviving.

Often you will not find desperation, but determination, will and hope in these people, and many have a cause.
They left whatever they had in their countries, in order to find another place that is better for them, houses and apartments are not important anymore if you are fighting for life.
And if you are travelling very far with just one bag or backpack you definitely have some survival skills.

Conclusion, no conclusion

To sum this up, I think talking about refugee problem is like talking about weather problem. It is happening and people need to deal with it. No big wall will stop this and Africa is close to Europe too with millions of people who have not enough to live normal lives.

I understand people feeling bad about new people in their countries who might live on their costs but all that is happening is something that was waiting to happen. I hope countries have good process to weed out worst people but we all know this will not stop all of them. Europe is changing and nothing can stop this.

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Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

51 Responses

  1. The “immigrants” who are entering Europe illegally are similar to the filth entering the US illegally. They present asking for help with the intent of receiving “free” stuff without anything to offer in exchange. Accepting these people is a detriment to the financial and social well being of a nation. As most of these European refugees are Muslim why not ship them to the oil rich nations of the Muslim middle east ?.

  2. These aren’t “immigrants”… they’re CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL, ALIEN INVADERS. And they’re bent on the destruction of the Western World’s Culture, via the murderous filth called islam (SPIT).

  3. This is a barbarian invasion much like the ones of the 4th century that led to the fall of Rome. These barbarians will bring nothing but suffering and another Dark Age.

  4. The receiving society has the obligation to protect itself from denigrating change, which is primarily what such uninvited and unscreened people bring. So, while it is nice to “help,” a society’s preeminent obligation is to at least maintain its people’s quality of life.

      1. Dave , really good story, I can’t imagine…..So true and important to get this message out. I got a neighbor to watch a video I found on you tube. Completely changed hi view on Islam Here it is for you even though you already have a clear view of the problem. I hope others watch it as well. Perhaps you could/would share with those like my neighbor that have no real understanding.
        Thanks, Hillbilly.
        Here’s the link.

  5. Stefan Molyneux on YT has a pretty good take on the unwanted immigrants entering Europe and the US from failed states. Half of all the illegal immigrants in the US are getting welfare from the US government that is only pretending to be financially solvent. The real crisis is yet to come when like in Germany, the native citizens start killing the immigrants when they reach the boiling point.

  6. Selco is as reasonable as always. I’m definitely a fan of his work. I just like to add as far as Africa is concerned that it is the goody two shoe folks that are to blame. On an continent where the typical birth rate for an average family is 20+ the only thing that kept the balance is the nature dictated child death rate. Enter the self proclaimed saviors of humanity that spend millions feeding and healing(defying the rules of nature) those that can not sustain themselves without constant outside intervention. Please familiarize yourself with living condition of blue color whites of South Africa to get a glimpse of future that awaits your children.

    1. If my comment seems insensitive please let me elaborate. Instead of a hand out in a form of free food, clothing cell phones and other western conveniences, education and infrastructure aimed at self sufficiency should have been the goal from the beginning, not advertisement of now that your populations have exploded due to our kindness we can’t wait for you to come here so we can be one big happy family. Creating populations that can not feed themselfs is idiotic. Europeans in general don’t have kids they can not sustain, Africans seem to have no such inhibitions.

  7. Agreed, sadly in the USA we have a lot of very dumb people that think a big wall will stop the flow of the poor and hungry that are fleeing rampant lawlessness in Mexico.

    The United states is so huge though that we easily absorb the constant flow from Mexico. But I can see a country like Luxembourg or Kosovo choking almost instantly with an influx of 50,000 needy. And yes there is always some evil types hiding in the flow of innocents. The problem is how do the local scumbags react? the ones that falsely claim that the immigrants will be taking jobs to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about them.

    Will it be all roses and ice cream? hell no. but many times the problems that come with the refugees is not from them but from the unstable people already in the country that use it as an excuse for violence.

      1. As uneducated as comparing it to the berlin wall. The wall did not stop anyone, the machine gun towers and patrols told to kill anyone for any reason did.

        I strongly suggest you learn about the berlin wall.

        1. You are correct. Enough Marines on the US border would stop illegal immigration, but Marines combined with walls and fences, like we see in Israel (and eventually Saudi Arabia) would be even more effective.

    1. 20+ years ago, when a big wall was proposed, there were constant arguments about how to pay for it, the political blowback, etc. But nobody ever said it was impossible or futile.

      Now all of a sudden, folks are desperate enough to stem the 3rd world flood, and people like you say it’s either impossible or won’t help. That, or rounding up the illegals and expelling them is impossible, even though it was accomplished before. You say the US is ‘large enough to absorb them’, but you overlook that they themselves do not assimilate. Do not want to assimilate. Never will assimilate. They are here for the benefits, nothing more. They hold no allegiance to anything we do. They could easily vote for the things we have – representative government, a Constitution exactly like ours, free markets, etc. But they don’t. They won’t support those things at home, and they won’t support them here.

      There are now “No Go” zones inside the US – our sovereign territory where citizens are forbidden to go and Law Enforcement only goes there if they have a large force. Areas controlled by the Cartels. And even when Law Enforcement does go to those places, they don’t stay long… it doesn’t matter what flag flies over it, it’s not our sovereign territory anymore…

      Their admitted goal is to “take back” the American Southwest. They themselves have said this. Yet we still do not expel them, still do not secure our borders.

  8. The assumption most are making and which is being deliberately presented by the media is, these hordes are typical families fleeing war-torn mid-east countries. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the people in this wave, and yes there will be many more waves, are young healthy males in the 20-30 year old range. Many of them are already known to be hard-core Islamist of the ISIS variety who are under instruction to move into southern Europe solely to establish bases of operation for future attacks against European countries and people. The leaders of the European countries involved and USA are all knowingly complicit in the arrangement. So the reasoned question is “Why would they want to destroy their own countries, which they took an oath to protect ?”

    1. True. This is no “humanitarian crisis.” It is an invasion, pure and simple. These “migrants” will not assimilate. They will soon be demanding tolerance of their religion and customs, however backward and barbaric they may be. They will cry “offense” at every turn and demand that the religion and customs of their hosts bend to their liking as they congregate in their enclaves, venturing out only to rape, murder and steal.

  9. The wave of refugees comes from American drones and bombs killing innocents across the globe. If an American drone bombs your house, you have nowhere to live, especially if drones are destroying any way to make a living. You become a refugee. America caused this with our endless wars for profit for the Military Industrial Complex, the banksters and Prince Phillip’s depopulation faction. This is on us… Americans who do nothing while our corrupt government destroys the world for profit.

    1. This is all fine and dandy, but while you chastise yourself and other fellow westerners your daughter is getting raped. Get a grip. Wake up, don’t sacrifice our(Western) collective future just so you can show the world how selfless and non-racist you are. Oh great logician.
      PS: vast majority is running from their own unreasonable country men not US drones.

  10. If I could speak to crowds of these refugees, I would tell them to renounce Islam. It is because of the troubles caused by Islam that they are on the move. Throw away your Qurans and head scarves. Leave your old ways behind and embrace freedom. Have a Ham sandwich and see what you’ve been missing. Don’t want to assimilate? Fine, take this rifle and ammunition and head back where you came from and FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN DAMNED COUNTRY !

    A similar speech should be given to those intercepted coming from Central American nations escaping drug violence and poverty. We’re about out of “freebies” up here.

  11. +1, m.

    U.S. policies have killed hundreds of thousands and destabilized the Middle East and Africa. Too bad no government really cares what it’s supposed citizens want.

  12. The goal of a world wide caliphate has been moved up by decades. The immigrants already in Europe are multiplying like cockroaches, and living on the dole. They will outnumber the native population in the not too distant future. Now with the wave of “refugees” the Muslim population will swell like a bad infection. Let the oil rich Muslim countries take the Muslim refugees. I am sure they will quickly reduce the population if they are the wrong type of Muslim, or not Muslim enough. Self preservation of your society is not a sin. Assimilation into a country that welcomes you is a good thing. Trying to turn your new country into the same crap hole you are escaping, makes no sense.

  13. Problem. It is the reason( or lack of ) for thier faith of which values and culture stems from which is the problem.
    Solution. Compulsory education for all immigrants and terrorist on the basic rules of ” Logic”
    1. Faith is an assumption
    2. If you make an assumptions your eventually going to guess wrong if the evidence is inconclusive therefore rule number 3.
    3. One assumption holds the same merit as another assumption. You cannot point the finger or gun.

  14. Illegals should be herded into camps that provide sanitation, food, and sort them by skills and occupation. Then put them to work on public works during the day and educate them at night on the language and culture of the host country. Deport those that do not cooperate or fit in and keep those willing to contribute to society.

  15. While I do not believe the vast majority coming into Europe now do so with bad intentions, as they remain unemployed and unemployable in the modern Euro economy which is already struggling, resentments will fester. The relief of being allowed to enter a safe environment will, over time, be forgotten. I believe in the not-too-distant future, Europeans will be fighting for their lives against many of those smiling at them now.

    Europe is committing suicide with this, but it just takes a while for it to manifest. The same is true for the US but at least here, native Americans are armed to the teeth, many with small arsenals of guns and ammo. It will not be like Europe. We will not need to throw bricks to defend ourselves. If and when an Islamic and/or Mexican irridentist threat becomes a reality within the US, it will go very badly for them. There are tens of millions of well armed, white Christians who have no intention of going quietly north as their homes are claimed or they are forced to convert. With Europe, I don’t know what is going to save them. I just hope today’s leaders are the first ones the immigrants put into the wood chipper.

    1. There is no such thing as a white race! Judge a person by their actions, not the pigment of their skin. I feel sorry for anyone with pure white skin! Any ray of life giving sun would hurt! Caucasians tan into a beautiful bronze or bright red when we are active outdoors. No one should be forced from their home, defend your domain! Mexican is not a race, and neither is American. Both are countries of inmigrants. Not even after five generations of people born in American can you call yourself native, your genetic stock hails from the old world! Aboriginal peoples are our only surviving example of pure race, and not for long. Does anyone in Church ever mention that Christ was Jewish, from Egyptian and Galilean stock? He preached unity and love for his region of the world, not confused anglo saxons living across the atlantic two thousand years later. We have a problem and its global ; we have bred like never before and have lost our collective memory of cataclysm and mass extinctions. The earth’s natural history can only repeat itself. If we have not reached the technocrat dream of conquering the material realm and providing for the whole hubris of hummanity, then most people will be wiped out (again). Regardless of how many bullets you have and how many people listen to the same preacher you do. Find a quiet place out in the country and plant a garden to last a hundred years, then teach your children to care for it and tell them to do the same with their own children, if you really want to do something productive…

  16. Selco’s words are insightful.

    My thought is that the refugees need to understand that they’ll continue to exist and get help as long as they give their host nations reason to be gracious. If they integrate, are polite, productive, and trustworthy, they could do well. If they are demanding, dangerous, etc they will make everyone’s situation worse, including theirs. So, it is like visiting a foreign land as a tourist… be nice, and they’ll be nice. Be a jerk, and you’ll be given the same.

    Of course, I am speaking from total inexperience. Although I have travelled abroad, it has never been as a refugee…. I have no idea what these people have been through. I can only see it from the perspective of someone who’s land has been “invaded” by other cultures over the last 40 years, and an observer of what that has done. It’s not been good, overall… and my land’s “invaders” were not even war refugees.

    This is complex, but as Selco says, “it’s happening” and “Europe is changing”. Nothing against any particular group, but I personally feel this is going to be a change for the worse. God bless you all as you sort it out.

  17. Who and What started this wave of “immigration”……Invasion? This is pre-planned, same as with the invasion of the USSA.
    Obamy is just one of many implementing the destruction of the West. We are being betrayed by these NWO Elitists.

  18. The problem with a group this large going into little countries is they will not assimilate like a few at a time would. They will group with their own for comfort and security good or bad. It is interesting there are third generation Pakistanis in England who show their only allegiance to Pakistan not England. I can see this happening to where ever these people land. It is easy to say if there are any bad ones they can be deported but that won’t work just look at our border when we deport people. A report came out this morning which says the Assad government has killed more people than ISIS so I am having trouble seeing this as being the United State’s fault. When people say it is the Military Industrial Complex who is doing it. That may be so but that does not include me!

  19. These folks are opportunists, not refugees. Soldiers of invasion with thousands of dollars to pay for migrating that would have easily bought a nice house in a safe and secure part of Syria. If they were truly refugees, they would simply move to safety, but this is not what they are doing. They are using the misery and death of children d moving them around, posing them on various sections of beach for sympathy. These various photos proving this have been released. , but do not fit the MSM narrative so the usual news sites won’t admit to it. They want a free life in the most wealthy and civilized White countries. They will break the system of course and no one will live in peace. The SHTF scenario is far worse than Selco can describe as we are watching the greatest civilizational collapse in human history. Toynbee said that “all great civilizations commit suicide.” Resistance is life, but we are too cowardly and debauched for that.

  20. I strongly suggest everyone take a moment to read Dave’s post about the Armenian lady Sarah Hoyt. As a reply I added a YouTube video about Islam and the dangers that come with it.

  21. Seen elsewhere on the net…

    “You see, before ’49, if you were a Crow or an Arapaho or a Cheyenne, you might sit on a ridge and watch the schooners crawl across the empty prairie, one at a time, perhaps only a solitary train in a week. You might trade with it, or take a slap at it for devilment, to run off a few horses, but mostly you’d leave it alone, since it was doing no harm, apart from reducing the grazing along the North Platte or the Arkansas, and thinning the game a little. But the Indian just had to turn his back and ride a few miles to be in clear country which the caravans never touched, the bison herds ran free, and game abounded. There was still plenty for everyone.

    It was different after ’49. A hundred thousand folk need a power of meat and wood and fodder; they must forage wide on either side of the trail, in what to them is virgin country, and wreak havoc among the buffalo and smaller game; they must strip the grazing to its roots–and it ain’t in human nature for them to think, in all that vastness, what it may mean for those few figures sitting on the ridge over yonder…but if you are those figures, Crow or Arapaho or Cheyenne, watching the torrent that was once a trickle, seeing it despoil the Plains on which you depend for life, and guess that it’s going to get bigger by the year, and that what was once a novelty is now a menace–what d’you do? Precisely what the squire in his Leicestershire acres, or his New England meadow, would do if crowds of noisy, selfish foreigners began to trek through ruining the place. Remonstrate–and when that don’t work, because the intruders can’t see what damage they’re doing, and don’t care anyway–what d’you do then? I’ll tell you; Leicestershire squire, New England farmer, Cheyenne Dog-Soldier or Kiowa Hose-Cap, you see that there’s only one thing for it: you put your paint on.”

  22. There is a book called “The Camp of the Saints”, written in 1973 by a French author Jean Raspail. There, the 3rd world immigrants flood Europe by boats in huge waves, leading into a collapse of the order. Upon reading that book a decade ago, I considered it unrealistic. Now it is happening, more or less as described by Mr. Raspail.

    This wave from North Africa, and the other waves coming after it, will in the coming decades, deal a death knell to the traditional West European society and values. Having said that, there are countries that did everything to invite the disaster.

    Take Sweden, for example. They are a country with 9.8 million people. Last year they took about 80,000 asylum seekers, close to 1% of the population. This year, perhaps another 1%. Add there the babies of immigrants already in Sweden, and the speed of change exceeds the society’s capacity to absorb, by a wide margin. I would not rule out a civil war in 30 years or so, though it is more probable crimes, low intensity violence etc. will gradually just lead into separate North African Muslim enclaves within Sweden, without an outright war.

    If I were a Swedish taxpayer, I would totally lose interest in supporting the state. Every krona paid to the state coffer, enables the state to destroy your future and the future of your children sooner and more completely. In that, the Swedes, Germans, Austrians etc. are in a similar position as South African whites. One by one, the EU countries will commit a suicide by immigration.

  23. “There is nothing more primal than a hungry man, actually more primal is hungry man with child. He does not care about laws, or rules …” <– And that there is the problem. They do NOT care about laws. Most of these immigrants are coming from lawless countries where anything goes and no one faces responsibility for their actions (most are Muslim but even they are running from Sharia law). When you have hundreds of thousands of these like-minded people flooding into your borders they will inevitably cause a burden on your government and suck whatever resources are left dry. All the things you and your forefathers before you worked hard for, your inheritance will be given up to a generation that will not honor or respect your society and values. They are bent on conquest. On global domination. Learn from what has been happening in the UK and France. They WILL bite the hand that feeds them.

    1. It is not clear what are exact consequences of this gonna be, but I believe it is start of one of the events that gonna change history, numbers are simply huge.
      Some events simply can not be stopped, because they are way too big, and coming fast.

      1. Selco, I think Hillbilly’s video by Dr. Bill Warner explains clearly what is happening. Nothing short of history repeating itself. You have mentioned the Balkan states are getting ready to do exactly what they did in the late 90s. That is because the Kosovo war did not resolve the issue
        and until western civilizations stand up and defeat Islam, again, they will keep spreading through any country available. These “refugees” are the first wave who will provide support to the armed waves who will arrive next.

  24. Well really it doesnt matter whether its a deliberate collapse game by relevent governments or planned vollapse by actual muslims who believe the chaos will bring back mohamed or whatever. All we need to bear in mind is to watch, listen, act. Get yourself ready for the worst best as you can. Whether your poor or rich, youve all seen how these peoople (is) respond to people like us. If you think for one minute they can or will be reasoned with your deluding yourself. They only break from death will be when theyre raping your wife or daughter before they kill you.
    forget what the government says, forget everything the liberals say will go on. Watch liveleak, watch the begeadings, watch the fighting videos, look at the dead bodys. If you donnt want any of that for you your wife or your kids, you know what you need to do dont you? Ive said it before and ill say it again, if your faced with any is member or sympathyser trying it on whether with a machette or ak, I suggest you react with extreme predudice and terminate the problem. Thats what ill be doing.

  25. Im a American that has traveled to Europe many times. I have been in many cities in Germany. First, if you dont speak German they don’t like you. Second, Germans dont play games and fuck around like Americans do. Third, women get no respect in Germany. My prediction is refugees will not stay long in Germany after they realize they are not welcome no matter what German politicians say

  26. Hmmmm so where are the children? The women? You folks are in for a whole lotta hurt this won’t end well..say good bye to your way of life…good luck with that

  27. Anyone who knowingly is motivated by a desire to get something for nothing is already proceeding in an immoral direction. It’s very unlikely that anything good will come out of such blatant disrespect for the values of another nation. We’ve all seen photos of ‘refugees’ holding up expensive mobile phones to take selfies. Then the other videos of ‘refugees’ rampaging & fighting in a refugee center. Europe’s ‘Operation: Fetal Position’ will just start further waves of Islamic rage, riots, & rape.

  28. Should we try to help those folks, who are hungry, scared, with bunch of the kids etc?
    NO and again, NO! Europe has passed through the same process and has paid with blood and millions of lives to learn the rules of live and the rules of living which allow it to be what it is now. All these countries NEVER tried to become something like the Western culture countries. They MUST walk this path, they HAVE TO PAY for that knowledge, they DOES NOT HAVE what is needed to be a part of the Western culture today, and if allowed so, they WILL DESTROY the Western culture, just by living inside of it by their native rules. That happened many times before, on a smaller scale, but it happened. And each time the hordes of barbarians, invited into a higher level society, have destroyed that society. If they want peace, they must fight for it on their own land and only the most developed of them could be invited with some hope that their level will allow them to assimilate to the western way of life. What is happening now is nothing but a liberal madness of ignorance, and will bring Europe into chaos and social and economic disaster. The USA will follow shortly.

  29. The stark and sobering reality is that if the world economic situation goes keel up it may well come down to who eats who.

    This is a very serious possibility, even here in the U.S. A few months without food and it goes beyond fighting for scraps. Base level instincts will prevail.

    We all think ourselves above the savagery of the food chain, until we find ourselves captive in that food chain.

    Might be better to explore your darker self before you get caught off guard.

  30. As a USA resident and global traveler, I see the same problem every place== disarmed individuals and armed governments (including warlords). If Latin American immigrants cared about their culture(s) as they claim, they are worth fighting to maintain. Same with Syrians and Palestinians and Cubans, et al. Instead they run and hide? Why bother living as a coward!

  31. The US can stop 90% of the illegals entering currently by simply enforcing and strengthing existing laws. Step 1) I9s…Improved. Every job , every time….must have an I9 for every worker. Must be verifiable and verified. NO getting away with fake Ids and/or multiple IDs because they are checked and real. Companies that violate are fined out of existance on second offense with jail for COmpany President. No valid I9 means no jobs….no jobs…no reason for majority of illegals who come to US. 2) SInce all workers are now I9 varified legal workers……alll workplace rules are enforced and strengthened. Overtime pay , min wage etc. Enforced. Illegals are used because they work for nothing and cant complain when screwed over…..steps 1 and 2 end that practice. Increase enforcement arm of wage devision. Then 3) If you want to come legally….you have to come in through the border LEGALLY and get your damn green card or citizenship. Let the people who are doing the hiring tell us how many Visa’s to issue. Try to hire for X ammount of time. Must advertise in print ( and possibly on internet as well). If no answers you may THEN submit a form to Govt and ask for ( Farm workers, chef, health care, construction…….whatever. The demand for workers because of open jobs sets up how many work visa’s are issued. Yes, maybe walls or fences and drones etc. Yet……take awy economic incentives and a whole lot of people go back to where they came from

  32. As a former military person and living in a muslim country but denied muslim belif i will say u a singe thing. U have no change. The refugees are out of the war zone and they do not neet to come to europe thay can stay in Turkey as Turkey is a muslim country with no war. But what turkey did the president put most of the refugee to the west part of the country, closer to Greece. And they flee to eu. As people eu tread them like low life. They will be filled with anger and by time like (10 years) when that innocent boy refugee come to a age of 18.”thing what this little boy with yellow shirt will do to take revenge in this video when he is 18 ” He will be fueled with Suudi Arab. money. And suciede bomb the shit out of eu. So as a non-beliver preper who lives happly in am muslim country. ill advice u, get ready to gray man on muslim relegion. It is very easy. 1 Quran and 2 cloth for the ladies in house u are good to go. Always and always watch ur comments on relegion never say bad thing about any of them. Just live ur relegion inside ur family. Teach ur kids that some of his or her ancestors were muslims or some reletives lives in Turkey or Endonesia (as they are modern Musim state) so that they will be the last target for fanaitic muslims as muslims maybe see them as ally and your famliy will have a better reputation in the muslims. Just adapt, like a chameleon never be red fish in the river be the brown one that when the bird comes it’s harder to see u. At the end when SHTF finished the relegion as u pose is not important as the eyes of god. He know what u belive. Keep u friends close ur enemies closer.

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