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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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I just finished watching the movie: “Leave the world behind” on Netflix. And boy did I love it. It is everything we talk about here on SHTFschool.com and more. You should definitely watch this movie if you are into survival, SHTF or prepping. Its Zeitgeist is spot on with 2023. AI Doomsday, possible recession, tension between Russia, USA, Europe and China etc. 

You should really watch the movie. If you haven’t yet spoiler alert! Here are some scenes I particularly liked: 

1) The moment when Danny – G.H.’s neighbour and known as the “silly” survivalist in town is clearly telling G.H. that they aren’t friends anymore. It’s everyone from himself now. This whole scene reminds me of barter and trade in a SHTF economy. Selco wrote a great article on this here.

2) The TV and even emergency broadcast is interrupted, clearly all networks are down. Not even the satellites are working any longer. Which means they can’t find any information anywhere on whats goign on, being left in the dark they panic and become aggressive towards each other. A real SHTF situation develops. 

3) In one of the last scenes Rosie (daughter of Ethan Hawke in the movie) is being seen walking down into the bunker of the neighbours house. What you see next is clearly a prepper / survivalists dream bunker. All the storage space, comfort, even a big movie selection etc. You can also see that they have some sort of high tech emergency system and the information reads: ”Washington and the white house under attack by rouge armed forces.” 

The movie ends with a lot of guesswork as to whats really going on. My personal take is that there is indeed an attack happening, orchestrated by one of the USA’s enemies. It’s unclear where else in the world something is happening. Could this be AI takeover related? Possibly. But also very likely as explained by Mahershala Ali in the movie: 

A simple 3-stage maneuver that could topple a government from within: 

1) First stage is isolation (disable all communications) 

2) Second stage, synchronised chaos. Without a clear enemy or motive, people would turn on each other. 

3) Coupt d’etat. Civil war. 

All of this sounds like a lot of what we talk about here on STHFSchool. 

For this reason I put together a list of blog posts that discuss all of these scenarios depicted in the movie (in no particular order): 

Bart and Trade in a SHTF Economy

The 5 symptoms of SHTF happening.

How to prep for an economy collapse. 

Are billionaires prepping for an economic collapse?

Ultimate prepping checklist.

And of course if you are interested in learning about being prepared for a SHTF situation our Survival Bootcamp.

I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. 

If you’ve watched it, reply to this email and let me know what you thought of it 🙂 

All the best,


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