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I am Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year I lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, food distribution, without any kind of organized law or government. The city was surrounded for 1 year and it actually was a real SHTF situation. Our allies were our enemies from one day to the next. Today I’m prepared and share my experience on this blog.

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End of  the year and start of the new year is usually time for some new decisions, changes in your life and similar.

Usually in this time of the year I write about some expectations in „prepper terms“ about what for and why we should be prepared.

Nothing really changed in what we should expect, the world is going faster in some wrong directions and so there is no need for me to repeat that now.


For New Preppers


I would like to take this chance to just surmise what we at the SHTFSchool are doing and why, because in last months we have quite number of newbies here, new on my blog but also new in prepping.

Many times I read that Selco is „guy who survived year under siege during war“ and that I talk and write from that perspective.

I should mention however It was a long process. This ‘one year in hell’ is the literal tip of the iceberg.

From the moment when I was an ordinary guy prior to the war who did not have a clue about survival, up to this moment now at the end of 2017, a whole bunch of things happened.

Of course from the survival point of view most important thing was that I was part of the 4 year Balkan war, that includes that 1 year under siege, but also other things like being soldier and being a refugee in that time…

It is a process that lasted many years, before the war, during and after. An important part of it is meeting and talking with other preppers through my courses in ‘real life’ live or online, because I have learned, the hard way, that it is impossible to know everything and that you are actually learning all the time.


„The Truth Will Set You Free“?


One of the let’s say „sad advantages“ why I know few things about SHTF in such well rounded terms, lies simply in the fact that I’m still living in the middle of it right now, for years, because post war society is exactly that.

War for me was one experience, it was fighting, hunger, air raids, being dirty and sick… complete absence of system.

Post war society is another experience: life now is life in a corrupted system, political homicides, car bombs between different fractions, teenagers being drug addicts and prostitutes because there is no other way to find food…

It is life where ex war lords (or their children) are political party leaders with their own private armies of mercenaries „disguised“ in security companies, it is life where every (decent) home have AK 47 hidden somewhere, and bedtime stories for kids how „they“ just waiting for next chance to start new war, so we need to hate them… (who ever „we“ or „they“ are, really we are all the same)

It is life where I have to have different amounts of money in different pockets all the time, either to bribe the policeman (if I calculate it’s worth it) or to give it to drug addict with knife (if I calculate not to shoot him)… To repeat, this is EVERY DAY life here…

It is life where I need to have a registered and not registered pistol, based on what I am trying to achieve…

In very short, I am living in the middle of collapse, compared to war this is comfortable, but it is STILL SHTF.

So for all newbies here, and for guys who following me for years, you need to understand one thing: Selco is talking and teaching about real things, and to live here and talk openly about truth means that you may end up in deep s..t really fast, so that is the reason why you won’t ever see my face in an interview, or read my real name, I am not gonna show up in a youtube channel.

People from the events that I am writing on my blog are here, alive, and mostly in power, actually they rule here, they give you job and salary just not to be hungry, they and their people will find school for your kid, or simply find medicines for your mother cancer…

Otherwise a drug addict may ‘find’ your kid from the way back to school, you may be labeled as a „traitor“ maybe, or simply you may one morning when you start your car engine end up in Heavens…

You may watch at your dying mother who was told that „she need to wait for the specialist oncologist appointment for 16 months…”

This is EVERY DAY life here

You must be invisible and not interesting, you need to be small all the time.

You need to be gray. Not in the tacticool interpretation of the word, genuinely, completely blended. This ability to go unnoticed goes WAY BEYOND just the clothes that you wear…

Many times I read that I am ‘not real’ or ‘fraud’ or ‘Russian troll’ because I am staying „hidden“, but it’s like this, I share my advice under this assumed name, take it or leave it, but don’t think these comments are going to change it.

For all my new and old readers, Happy New Year!





Survial Bootcamp

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

25 Responses

  1. Our New Year tradition has always been to sharpen every knife in the house, and then have a fine meal with the gathered family and neighbors. You must be prepared for what this new, unknown year bring.

  2. Thanks for the “tried and true” advice and tips here, Selco.

    Being “gray,” methinks is the key to survive. As they say in the Orient: “The nail that sticks up, must be hammered down!”

    Peace and Blessings, Brother.


  3. ‘Selco’ better days sir. I respect and appreciate your sage, advice and experience. Our country has its problems but they have been exposed by our president and he is trying to reverse our previous course that was caused by a stupid, idea logic, based on communist/socialist doctrines from all the previous and current failed dictators….he was and is a fool. Keep it real, Gods Spoed in your efforts, you life and your families lives. I only hope our country can turn this terrible corner, right our ship, drain the swamp of the morons that somehow got their cronies to put them in power, rid our country of this drug problem and recover our morale compass, decency and our trust and faith and loyalty to God…this is my prayer for us both. Stay safe

  4. Amen and pass the ammo President Trump is cleaning house and taking down their names. I have videos for ghost guns and prepping that i watch very steadily and have food crappy lds stuff in my pantry but real dehydrated food in my walls.

  5. May the New Year bring improvements to your country and to your life, Selco. Your battle continues at a less intense but more complex level now. Your ongoing sharing helps us all, and for those that don’t listen, don’t worry about them… your mission is to tell, not to convince. They have to want to absorb it, and each will reap their own rewards… those that learn will do better, those that scoff will do worse. I call that “slow justice”. 😉

    Speaking of which, I’m glad you sent this message. Today I’ll break out that list of things I learned from the hurricane and will spend the day getting my bugout system in order.

    God bless you, my friend. Keep on, and keep writing… we’re listening.

  6. Happy new year! This coming year will test all of us I believe. The world is not getting any safer so we all have to be aware of our own situations. Keep up taking care of your own supplies,training,etc. Selco sir you are a wealth of great information. Stay safe. Thanks for your insight on the way it was and the way it is now.

  7. Yes Selco the Chinese I think have a saying “The head that sticks up gets chopped off ” so low profile is a very good way to go most of the time.Very good article thank you for sharing with us all.

  8. Selco,
    Your experiences as a refuge may be very helpful many may end up in that situation and your observations might be very helpful. Your time as a soldier also. How did you and your fellow soldiers interface with the various types of people. Also some advice how to live in a corrupt world would be helpful.
    Thanks for the site.
    Gregory Gammon

  9. Selco…Thank you and I appreciate you for sharing your experiences,insights on survival.You and Ferfal,I really listen to and I have taken heed.
    Happy New Year and Best Wishes from SE USA

  10. The general suffering you endured is not lost on the USA preppers that know what conditions exist in the half-failed nation/state of Mexico. There journalists are seen as targets for intimidation and kidnapping and murder if they blow the cover on corruption be it cops, mayors or local gang leaders, there are villages in Mexico’s southern areas where people “disappear” if they organize against the exploitation and corruption. So this is the WORL scene in North America, didn’t you offer a session in Texas back in April? The type of SHTF you Selco describe is going on in parts of Mexico. There’s a damn good reason we need border guards. Thank you for creating this forum/school. and it is a pity you and your nation and family had to suffer all that they did. I do hope 2018 is a productive one for you. Many blessings to you and yours.

  11. To state what to me is the obvious, SHTF is not everywhere! IF it is where you are, isn’t there some way you could leave the country to a more likable place? Even if “official” ways are blocked, as you stated, there is rampant corruption there, so unofficial, aka illegal, means could be used.

  12. I have followed intermittently for a few years. If you’ve discussed what being the grey man really means, I may have missed it.

    I find it interesting how many think the grey man is strapped with $500 of 5/11 Tactical gear, pants, shirts, boots, packs etc…

    A re-look at the concept would be good for a lot of people.

  13. Happy New Year Selco and to All
    Thank you for your blog.

    Re: Some Very Random Thoughts on the “Grey Man”.
    Average equates to Grey, … as far as being less likely to be noticed in a crowd.

    http://geekologie.com/2011/02/photos-overlayed-to-produce-th.php has the average face of various nationalities by overlapping photographs. Further overlapping these photos would give a further indication of the average face. Of course, accenting your face with Pink hair, not good. An introverted unattractive dumpy person … harder to remember.

    To mimicry a group composite their average clothing, mannerisms, expressions, body language, etc. Politicians do this since they’re actors anyway. One article out of many, http://www.trcb.com/education/psychology/obama-hitler-graham-and-regans-hand-movements-analyzed-with-nlp-7685.htm

    I read during WWII German guards at railway stations looked for people’s hand gestures to pick out targeted groups. Watch people from a sidewalk café. German men tend to walk with their shoulders forward. Sounds ridiculous but …

    Listen to Magicians and Hypnotists explain how they read their audiences. When getting ‘mugged’ in the city you won’t see the knife since you’re diverted by the mugger slapping your face with their other hand.
    (Btw, doing the unexpected while being robbed gives you a momentary edge but pleading will get the sh*t kicked out of you. It’s funny but when talking to the police don’t, but if you do, ‘talk’ to, or address their Uniform, with respect. The person becomes the uniform.)

    One way to read a person is to watch them when they’re angry. The worst curse words from their mouth is what they think of themselves, also what they fear.

    I saw how a Hypnotist suggested to a person to pick up and chew a stick of gum when he talked to them and repeated the word ‘gum’ every ten to fifteen seconds in a sentence. Repeating, in an un-sarcastic way what the other person said will unnerve the other person. A Magician said there are two types of people watching a magic trick. One will see the beginning and end of the trick and the other will see only what happens in-between. Seeing is selective. Fall thru the cracks of a person’s attention span.

    Will this help during Post SHTF in an alley with a drug addict wielding a knife?
    But it might in being ‘Grey’.

  14. New here and Happy New Year to all. I have begun reading your posts and appreciate the wide variety of responses as well as the effort put into the though behind them.

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